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Say goodbye to heartburn medication

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Photo by MsDotty

Photo by MsDotty

My friend Lisa and I were talking about heartburn and she mentioned taking two tablespoons of apple-cider vinegar as a remedy.  This seemed counterproductive to me at first.  Then she explained that, ” heartburn is caused by the stomach’s LACK of acid, therefore it overproduces stomach juices that then work their way up to the esophagus.  The apple-cider vinegar actually gives your stomach the acid it needs to digest, so it won’t run the risk of producing too much.” 

The other day I decided to take her advice and try the remedy on my heartburn-stricken boyfriend.  I gave him two tablespoons as she suggested and a cup of Nighttime Tea to wash it down.  That night he slept like a baby (and finally so did I).  Now the  heartburn and restless nights are gone.  

For those who have occassional heartburn, it may be worth trying this alternative cure.  It could save you money on expensive medication.


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