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Best place for lunch in NYC

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Danal Restaurant - 59 5th Avenue
Danal Restaurant – 59 5th Avenue

If you’re searching for a fabulous New York City lunch spot, look no further than Danal.  Maybe it’s the resident cat, Bagels, greeting you at the door or the French-inspired, rustic decor…from the moment you step into this cozy little eatery, you feel like you’re in Europe.  


I had a business lunch at Danal a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it!  Not only was it great for a casual lunch meeting, but the warm atmosphere makes it a marvelous place for a romantic rendezvous as well. 


Ambiance aside, the food is delicious, beautifully presented…and so reasonably priced!  Here are the dishes I recommend:


– Shrimp Salad – w/ Boston lettuce, orange, avocado, cherry tomatoes, mango, pistachios and a lime mint vinaigrette – $13


– Spicy Tuna – w/black bean salsa, onion, jalapeno, tomato, corn & cilantro vinaigrette – $14


The restaurant is located near Union Square on 5th Avenue between 12th and 13th Street.  Reservations are suggested for dinner and required for afternoon tea,  phone: 212-982-6930.  

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