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Recession hits female gamers

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Photo by Scyza

Photo by Scyza

Companies like Ubisoft are trying to get a piece of the female demographic with games like Fashion Designer, Movie Star and Babyz, but they may not be putting all their eggs in one basket. 

Demand from the female demographic is expected to slow according to industry research firm IBISWorld, and for this reason gaming companies may refocus on their loyal, most important demographic – young male gamers.



• The recession is hurting female spending on games more than male spending.  Male gamers are more inclined to consider gaming as a ‘compulsory’ expense than women, for whom it is unequivocally a luxury.


• The popularity of communal games such as Guitar Hero, SingStar and the Wii console’s offerings have been far more popular than strictly female-oriented games. 


These factors will all combine to slow growth in female gaming.  By 2013, IBISWorld expects female gamers to represent around 41 percent of all gamers.

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