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Are you wearing the right bra?

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Photo by aschaeffer

Photo by aschaeffer

I spoke with a womenswear specialist, Lisa Mascaro, about buying the perfect bra and what she said blew my mind!  What most women don’t know is they’re wearing the wrong sized bra.  Studies have shown 60 percent of women are indeed unaware they’re wearing the wrong size because the garment doesn’t feel uncomfortable.  Here are a few tips from Mascaro that I had to share with my marvelous girls:

 – Get Fitted!  Because we are women and we deal with water retention and hormones, it is recommended to get fitted every 6 months.  The same goes with replacing your bras.  It is something we wear every day for at least eight hours a day!  Like a running shoes, it wears too!  Go to a specialty store to get fitted, chances are they have been trained and educated on the process.

Invest in your breasts! Keep in mind, a good bra is going to be more expensive than the $20 special at a local boutique.  On average you can get a good bra for about $40.

Tip:  Look for semi annual sales, like 2 for’s and such.  Sign up to be emailed about promos; be the first to know so you get the best selection.  Also a savvy tip, if you like colors, the seasonal pallet will always be marked down so don’t buy them full price.  Splurge on your staple colors, nude , black, white.

Shop a trusted brand!  Just because Victoria has a secret, doesn’t mean she has mastred a woman’s bust line!  I love Vic for “occasional” pieces – like if I need a racy pearl thong to wear – but not everyday garments.  Shop places like Gap body and Nordstrom, which have a great selection of sizes and brands.  Both also have bra experts to give an accurate fit.

Take the time to try on different brands to see what is going to be best for your body.  Shopping for the perfect something takes time…so have fun!  When you feel sexy and confident in your foundations, it shows!


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