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Women weigh in on a hairy situation

Posted on: April 9, 2009

Photo by asolario

Photo by asolario

Almost all (96 percent) American women shave unwanted hair on their legs, underarms and bikini line every week — with most (70 percent) doing so at least once and up to four times a week — totaling up to 48 hours a year.  According to a survey commissioned by TRIA Beauty, women devote so much time and energy to this aspect of their beauty regimen because the overwhelming majority (91 percent) wish their unwanted hair “was just gone forever.”

The TRIA Beauty survey, conducted online by Zoomerang, revealed provocative insights and attitudes about hair removal, suggesting it’s one of the least enjoyable yet most important elements of a woman’s beauty regimen, regardless of age.  Among key survey findings:

  • Majority of women (93 percent) “Feel more beautiful” when their unwanted hair has been removed and “enjoy the silky smooth feeling” of their skin (97 percent)
  • More than eight out of ten women (84 percent) say unwanted hair on legs and underarms affects their choice of clothes — especially Southern women (93 percent)
  • Most women agree that shaving is “an endless chore” (86 percent), “inconvenient” (77 percent) — yet an essential part of their beauty routine (82 percent)
  • Most women (88 percent) agree waxing is painful — yet 20 percent of women wax regularly
    Northeast women feel the strongest about the importance of managing unwanted body hair; slightly more than half (60 percent) of Midwestern women agree

“We commissioned the survey to learn more about the complex relationship a woman has with body hair,” said Drake Stimson, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing for TRIA Beauty. “The findings are consistent with our own research that indicates removing unwanted body hair is an essential part of looking and feeling beautiful and that women invest a great deal of time removing unwanted hair, but that the current methods are not very appealing.”


3 Responses to "Women weigh in on a hairy situation"

Laser hair removal is the way to go for me!!! It takes literally 3 minutes
and no shaving for months, especially those underarms.Love it!!!

You don’t need to go completely bare every time…its boring and a lot of work. I came across these guys when I was reading blogs about grooming bikini hair and the alternatives. They offer dyes, stencils, and grooming kits for your bikini hair, take a look…

Women should not be ashamed to have concerns over the way their private areas look. It is normal to want to look you best, especially as you get older.

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