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Curious about baby’s gender?

Posted on: April 15, 2009

Photo by biewoef
Photo by biewoef

Most expecting parents can’t wait until the 18-to-20-week mark to find out the sex of their baby.   And in the last couple of years there have been several over-the-counter prediction tests, such as Baby Gender Mentor and Intelligender, claiming to provide gender results as early as six weeks after the first day of your missed period.   But do these tests really work?

One excited mom-to-be, Danielle, shared, “I took the [Intelligender] test at 11 weeks, and it said I was having a boy. We were excited since we had hoped we were having a boy so our daughter would have a little brother. An ultrasound later confirmed the Gender Prediction Test — it was indeed a boy. The test was a fun experience to share as a couple and new parents-to-be.”

New mommy, Heather, said, “I used Baby Gender Mentor and the test told me I was having a girl.   Being a mother of two boys already, I went out and bought tons of girly stuff.  Then I learned at my ultra sound that I was carrying a boy instead.  I couldn’t help but be mildly heartbroken because I was so excited for a girl.”

According to a Phoenix-based doctor there is no way, other than a ultrasound or a test that requires a needle going into the placenta and amniotic fluid, to determine the gender of fetus.  With this said, it isn’t surprising that Baby Gender Mentor faced a class action lawsuit regarding the product’s accuracy and guarantee.  However, Intelligender seems to be backed by Walgreens and has no online disclaimer, like Baby Gender Mentor.

Do any of you Marvelous Girls have experience with either one of these products?  I’m sure expecting mommies would love to hear your comments. 


5 Responses to "Curious about baby’s gender?"

I’m guessing that their boxes say “A 50% chance of being 100% Accurate”?

If you go to you will find a ton of girls on there with wrong results!!!

I took the Baby Gender Mentor test about 3.5 years ago when I was pregnant. I took it at 12 weeks and was told that my baby was a boy. At my 20 week scan I was told without a doubt that my baby was a GIRL. I contacted the company and Dr Wang (who created the test)agreed to test my blood again. Second test came back GIRL. He had no explanation for my incorrect test. He said I was one of the few “rare” people who test inaccurate for no reason. I went onto and found many women whose results were inaccurate. I now have a three year old little girl and am part of the lawsuit against the company.

There were also a few ladies who took the test and (after getting incorrect results) were told that there was something wrong with their babies. The test maker did further tests on their samples to determine this. They were attempting to find reasons for their false results. Thank God that his predictions were incorrect for both women that I know of. Their babies did not have the problems that the company predicted.

If you take this test or Intelligender (same theory) be prepared for a false result. It’s not worth the money to doubt your answer until your 20 week scan. You have a 50-50 chance of having them get it right, but why would you want to waste so much money to not really believe it?

Since my first daughter was born I have had another baby girl. This last time I got an accurate gender prediction at 13 weeks from my perinatologist office. I paid for a fun scan at 16 weeks to verify gender. That $75 was much less stressful than the $200 I paid for Baby GEnder Menor.

Goodluck to everyone desiring to know the gender of their baby!

I have to say this “Baby Gender Mentor” thing is a bunch of crap. My biggest piece of advice is that people should be nice to their ultrasound techs. There is nothing worse than a pregnant mother whos first comment is…”Can you tell the sex of the baby????” Umm…No, I am looking at the placenta right now. Err…That is my biggest pet peeve as a sonographer, you should be asking if your baby is ok. Not gonna lie, there have been times I have NOT told the parents what the sex of their baby was just because they were so obnoxious and asked me every 5 minutes what the sex was. There is more to our jobs than checking on the sex of your baby.

And you are the type of ultrasound tech I can’t stand. Mothers want to know the sex of their child in order to prepare nurseries and pick out names. It is a big deal. You get paid to do your job and make the patient satisfied; not be a bitch because you feel like it.

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