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Miss California vs. Perez Hilton

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Miss California gets a controversial question from the Queen of Media, Perez Hilton.  See her response to the legalization of gay marriage:

What do you think of her answer?


12 Responses to "Miss California vs. Perez Hilton"

Good for you Miss California. I am behind you and your answer. If Perez didn’t want to know the truth, he should not have asked. What it comes down to is Perez trying to force his way of life and morales on me. The people of California spoke when they voted against gay marriages.

Miss Caifornia is RIGHT! Here it is from God’s Word.

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders
1 Corinthians 6:8-10

The bible also includes many other sins that will keep a person out of God’s kingdom, and I would bet that you, Rhonda, have broken some of them. I find it very strange that my religion (Christianity) is full of followers who only go strictly by the Bible when it matches their personal beliefs. To me, it’s all just a bunch of backwards-thinking hatred.

I not only agree with Miss. California…I am PROUD of her!
I don’t care who Parez Hilton wants to bonk…but I’m sick and tired of the Gay community taking away MY FREEDOM (and Miss California’s) to speak the truth as we know it and believe it.
If a hairy ass turns him on, fine…but don’t just expect me to agree or condone it! In other words it’s the SAME argument reversed…DON’T SHOVE YOUR BELIEFS DOWN MY THROAT!

You don’t get it. it is YOUR beliefs that keep a gay from having the FREEDOM to marry. It is YOUR beliefs that YOU want to SHOVE DOWN THE THROATS of all of society. Just like when Blacks did not have fair legal treatment. Get it? And Mooooana, there are a lot of hetero guys who like the hairy asses of Women. It’s not the ass thing, it’s the gender thing, can you stay on point. I think you need to take it up the ass and then you can speak with some authority on this.

my o my we have a cat fight taking place, rhonda mona and gloria all have problem w/gay males. mona sounds kinky, gloria and rhonda sound like the preachers wife (ie. that lft them for a better person ie guy) who could give them love and understanding joel olstein says it best “forgive your self, your ememies, etc and be a better person in life. each and every person on this earth is equal and should have the same freedoms and personel prejudices should never be spoken but we can see these 3 have major problems accepting anyone but one with thier beliefs but we seem to be missing the point here she lost for many reasons prior to the question and even now is trying to steal the limelite did you not notice how she tried to get in front of camera s taking ms usa pictures she has major problem in her head thinking she was the best “lets move forward and love everyone and leave the prejucies in the closest.

did she really stop and think prior to answering the pagents are plan run and designed by gays. no straight person could present the show as it is shown on tv. did she know that the pagent monies are raised by and supported by gays she needs to revisit her feelings

i thought she was gonna go with , same sex marriage because of the pressure. I AM SOOOO GLAD, that she made her stand ! u go girl !

Yeah, and showed herself to be a brainwashed religious twit. The kind that votes for the party who wants the Health Care industry to keep raping the American People. u go girl! So many twits in America, your school system must suck so bad.

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Ignorant anti gay evangelical Americans. Hurry up and get old and die. The world (except the other religious goofy world, Muslim) is about to advance past your ideas. Nothing you can do to stop it, unfortunately we have to listen to your babbling in the mean time.

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