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Heidi Klum pregnant again, confirms Seal

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Seal & Heidi Klum

Seal & Heidi Klum

Recently singer Seal, 46, confirmed the rumours surrounding his wife’s, supermodel Heidi Klum, pregnancy.

Seal said, “The topic of debate outside our hotel is, ‘Is Heidi having another baby?’  Heidi and I are having another baby.” He added “I mean, Heidi is doing all the work…”

Klum, 35, and Seal have two sons together, aged two and three. Seal is also stepfather to Heidi’s four-year-old daughter, whose biological father is Italian F1 boss and Queen Parks Rangers FC owner, Flavio Briatore.

The couple started dating when Heidi was pregnant with her first child and got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2004.  They married in May 2005 on a beach in Mexico.

Update:  Seal just announced that they’re expecting a girl! –Marvelous!

Find out Heidi’s maternity style secrets by clicking here.

Heidi chats about her growing family, click here to read the article.

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10 Responses to "Heidi Klum pregnant again, confirms Seal"

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i think she looks good!

Heidi Klum ist… Aber die meisten Schauspielerinnen sind auch gar nicht besser, als sie.

Heute kennt das kulturelle Defizit keine Grenzen. Wie kann jemand diese Kultur, die gar keine Kultur ist, im besten Sinne des Wortes, richtig entlarven? Ich versuche zu beweisen, dass viele Schauspielerinnen heute sehr unrealistisch, mechanisch spielen und an ihre Rollen sehr oberflächlich denken, weil sie immer noch leider wirklich sehr unaufmerksam zu sein scheinen, aber wer glaubt mir schon?

Heidi Klum zieht sich immer noch selten komplett aus, und mir kommt es so vor, dass sie noch leider nicht ganz frei ist. Es ist ausgezeichnet und menschlich, keine Scham zu haben. Liebt sie alle, die gut und attraktiv für sie sind? Liebt sie alle, die sie WIRKLICH liebt? Wenn es nicht so ist, Warum sind alle, die gut sind, unattraktiv z. B. für sie? Liebt sie mich, oder?

hope her new baby will pretty like its Mom

yeah! more interracial love!

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This is a disaster for mankind, if such a beautiful an ugly Seal. I find this disgusting and a tradegy for Klum (who must be mentally ill). Interacial of this sort is a disgusting disease that will lead to the end of beautiful offspring and European races.

With the respect that you deserve i would say this, what an ignorant opinion of yours, so racist to me, i’m white; and i think its beautiful that two races could get together like they do.This doesnt means that the european race will end, dont be dumb, plz. Come on, give me a break, racists time should’ve ended already, sadly, still there are some people thinking that way. They are really my fav interracial couple, they look so good, and i hope they’ll keep up together always!!

ok I totally am disgusted in what you have to say! my mom is european and my dad is african and i believe such person like you are a shame to mankind! wtf go get a life…they are soo cuet together<3 my boyfriend is white and im european/african we are the cutest couple so lay off your racist common come on this is not the 1940s. ingnornet that is what you are. hahaha LMFAO European race will earse come on are you like fucking dumb or something it more like you are ill, not her. ughhh people like you piss me off!!!! wish my boyfriend knew you than im pretty sure you wouldnt be saying what you are saying!!!! love you baby we will make this work. have cute european/african/american and the cuteist black and white baby forever and always love yas muahhhhh:)
you are the best:) love my white baby:)

I am half white (Italian) and black (African), so I can give an neutral point of view about this disappointing relationship! It’s not so much about race as it is about Heidi’s very low standards and Seal’s desperation at the time, even thought it is very difficult to look at them together, yuck! The truth begins here: Everybody already knew what an airhead she was, even before she paired with Seal (not to mention, he never could sing and whoever signed him to contracts was obviously desperate for money). She has very low standards to begin with! You would never see an American supermodel drop down so low like she did and lose so many fans. She was so confused when her ex left her while she was pregnant, and Seal saw an oppurtunity to take advantage of her weak state of mind with his status and in turn was able to land his famous (blonde) supermodel. Hense, beauty and the beast! A big name, if you will, because broke blonde bimbos are a dime a dozen for celebrities. Between her being distraught from being pregnant by a man who dumped her, along with her low standards, and hormonal changes, she gave in! That’s the only way he was able to land her, period! Eventually, they fell in love and have had more kids and good luck to them. In the wake, she definitely has lost tons of fans (in the USA) anyhow, but that was a risk she was willing to take! They’re both financially secure at the moment, and that’s what counts for the kids. In conclusion, the only way Seal could get a supermodel was to take advantage of one while she was pregnant to another man and one with very low standards! What a way to land your famous blonde bombshell! I guess being a scavenger sometimes, does work…

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