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Be a fairy godmother…donate your prom dress

Posted on: April 23, 2009


Photo by cindylutes

Photo by cindylutes

A Cinderella story comes true for underprivileged teens…

Instead of having your old prom dress sit in the closet and collect dust, why not be the fairy godmother for a young girl by donating it to The Glass Slipper Project.  This organization makes prom dreams come true by offering shoes and dresses to teens who could not ordinarily afford them.

Chicago area high school students are the beneficiaries of donations received by the Glass Slipper Project.  The charity estimates that so far more than 10,000 Chicago high school girls received prom shoes and dresses.

Another such charity is The Princess Project, which helps San Francisco Area high school students.  Bay Area girls in need of prom shoes, dresses, and accessories can reach out to the Princess Project in San Francisco for help with their own Cinderella story. The Princess Project suggests that so far prom dresses and accessories have been donated to more than 9,000 Bay Area high school students.

There’s also the Ruby Room that prepares Seattle high shool students for the prom.  The organization is dedicated to the reuse of almost-new prom shoes and prom dresses.

What are you waiting for?  Dust off your prom attire and make a young girl’s day by donating to these great causes!


4 Responses to "Be a fairy godmother…donate your prom dress"

Is there something like this for wedding dresses?

Dressed for Success is another good cause. Help women dress well & appropriately for job intervies & jobs.

Good idea to post these!

yes, savings are great but i do not agree w/statement proms will return to campus locations. the students have 12 months to work part time to earn monies. some have been doing this past 2 years the cosignment stores etc are great help another helper at least on the east coast are hospital auxilary resale shops…..a prom comes once in a senior s life and should not be put on back burner a campus is no place to hold prom. our class was first to move out of gym to hotel, my partner also was in first class of his class the schools have never looked back and the students get a learning experience how the real world is

I have several dresses that i wouldnt mind dontaing. I know how hard it can be to find a dress especially if your in a tight bind. If i can help in anyway at all i would love to! Just let me know! I think that this program is great and will be able to help many!

Oh wow I like the dress!! I want something like this..Where did you find the dress?

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