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Susan Boyle’s new look

Posted on: April 24, 2009

Photo taken from The NY Times

Photo taken from The NY Times

The overnight star from Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle, recently got a makeover. 

With her eyebrows waxed and her hair colored, the judges of Britain’s Got Talent are apparently not pleased with Boyle’s new look.  They were hoping to cash in on her dowdy style and angelic voice.

UPDATE:  Susan Boyle got another makeover!  Click here for her updated look!

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40 Responses to "Susan Boyle’s new look"

Just let the woman sing and lets enjoy her gift, the world is so materiel, leave her be and let her live the moment without judgement or everyone putting thier 2CENTS worth in on her life…

I agree. Stop trying to make her into something she is not.

There is something about her as she was that added to her charm. Whatever makes her happy. I simply love her voice and it’s not my kind of music. She made me feel good hearing her. Best Wishes To Susan – Lexie

I think her hair is too short for her round face. Further more she was a handsome woman to begin with, I just hope she doesn’t let all this crap change her. I adored her voice I don’t listen to musical ..but bet your bottom dollar she ha a cd out I’m getting it. It made me cry to see her dream coe true in front of my face. Those sneering,jeering I am so lovely face got shot down quick. Hope for evermore their faces will be remembered so everyone can see how shallow they were. I love it when the outwardly beautiful show how STUPID they really are.

I like Susan’s new look, however, it’s a shame that people can’t be satisfied with a woman’s look without having to transform her into what someone else thinks is better. She may not be beautiful but most of us aren’t.

The new look is fine but it’s not the Susan Boyle that we know.
Susan Boyle is the one with the dowdy style and the angelic voice, now we lost her.

– Lora

Hey, she looks great! Not exactly a superstar model, but Britain’s Got Talent folks should be glad. She’s still Susan and still has that remarkable beautiful voice.
Chill out BGT !!!!!!!

Very impressive! She looks like a different person!

She looks good. I ddn’t see anything wrong with her before! She was herself!

she’s looked much younger and fresh!

I still don’t think Susan Boyle waxes as much as Idol’s Adam Lambert. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Tons of visitors to my blog come in search of the Lambert.

What i think about it is that she has got very cool personality! Whatever makes her happy is good for me! Otherwise I believe she´s just the same Susan! She looks younger though… Isn´t it a good sign for women in general? 🙂

I think Susan should do whatever she feels comfortable doing. If she WANTED to do it & didn’t feel pressured to do it, then I’m glad she has the confidence to do so. She’s going to get wanted or unwanted attention no matter what she does or doesn’t do now that she’s in the international public’s eye.

I don’t think she is the kind to change what’s inside of her – her faith & beliefs are what gave her the courage to try out in the first place.

Who cares what Simon & the BGT crew/producers think. They want to use her for ratings. It’s really none of their business. They are going to have a gillion people watching them when they get to the final judging & there will be lots of pressure on them because, if Susan sings better & performs better than the other finalists, they are going to be hard put to not give her the honors in the end. They’ve already lost face in front of the world by their expressions concerning Susan’s appearance. If she’s changed & they do it again – big mistake.

May I please direct you to our local newspaper the Daily Echo of Bournemouth, and in particular to the column by Faith Eckersall for yesterday, Saturday 25 April 2009, in which she applauds Susan’s desire to look as good as possible? It is a splendid appeal on behalf of women such as Susan Boyle, and a stern message for people like the panelists on BGT. Cy Quick

I like the new look, it’s better

We sure hope she doesn’t become the next Britney Spears! We love her the way she is!

– Swagger Essentials


Susan’s dowdy look was part of her charm. Now she is non-descript.

I totally hate her new look. All she had to do was trim and shape her eyebrows.

It’s her voice that is great not how she looks.

very good your blog i like

Nobody has the right to tell her she can or can’t change the way she looks! I don’t think her outside appearance is going to change her voice, or her personality. I think her reaction to it all is very normal and down to earth, and I would have encouraged her to do it, if I was her friend!She looks great!

doesn’t look any better to me

i prefer the way she looked before and i think people want her voice not her looks.


Susan has a gift has that has given her much new attention. Life is ever changing. Only Susan can decide how she will handle her gift and the changes that come along with it. She is great!

She looks great.

i think it’s fine to have that makeover. at least if she couldn’t make it to the final cut, she could perform on other stages, provided with her new neat look!

again, brit’s got talent is all talking bout talent, right? not the whole physical appearances.

good day!~

I kind miss her old look. I loved the dichotomy between her dowdy looks and gorgeous voice! It was so unique, and I believe it was that uniqueness that propelled her to stardom.

Either way though, I still love her!

the voice is more important than the beauty, I think
but, she looks great (:

if Susan feels comfy with her style, nothing wrong with that!
i love her new look 😀

any of you who were suddenly expected to appear in the media and to be criticised – on your appearance – by millions worldwide might be tempted to do some fast waxing and get a haircut. i for one would start dressing a heap better than i do now if i had paparazzi outside my door.

She’s just making the best of herself, which she wasn’t before.

The new look is much better, if she wants to realize the full extent of her dream she should seek to improve her appearance. Everyone should, it annoys me too that we are judged initially on looks, but that’s the world for you and even more so in the entertainment industry.

It’s nice of us to feel sweet about her old look, but this is not going to serve her well, so if you like her singing, embrace her as she was and for what she will become and she’ll more than realize her initial dream, she’ll blossom into a marvelous global talent and earn millions of dollars allowing her to help others and buy some things she may have always longed for.

I miss her old style already…i hope she doesn’t change her personality~

It maybe a little inflammatory, but I blogged about my thoughts on her here:

of course the TV show doesn’t want her to change her look. They wanted to keep on using her for better ratings. It’s as if they forgot this is a person, a talented one at that.
I wonder if anyone is thinking of doing an industrial remix of her performance 🙂

I say good for her. Anyone that would expect her to get bagged on by the entire world for the way she looks, and then not cash in on her 15 minutes (or more depending on how things go) to improve herself is crazy.

And the BGT judge reaction is just further proof that they don’t see these people as people, but as a commodity to leach off.

She is amazing my mom sent me the youtube link and I thought to my self oh no not one of thoes haha this person sounds bad clips again and after I watched the clip I thought she is amazing and I never think that way I never judge a book by there cover but this time I did and I felt soo bad I sent the link to all my friends and a few would not open it because they saw what she looked like! I bet she is a lovely person inside and out and to know that your whoel life people have been laughing at the way you look … If that was me and people told me i looked ugly and everything no way could I get up and sing infront of so many people! Amazing lady!

i tottaly think she looks beautiful now. way to go susan. she didn’t have to do it but she did and i think she looks great. ur suppost to feel good about yourself and clearley she didn’t so she did wat she thought felt right and look at her. i love the way she looks now

she looks beautiful now. im glad she did it. as long as she is comfortable and happy with the way she looks then thats what matters! wen people say i hate the makeover basically u think she’s stupid for doing it but she’s not. she did it to make herself feel and look better about herself. way to go susan

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