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Photo by Photo by christgr

Photo by Photo by christgr

Every parent wants to keep their children safe from harm, but a new study shows that nearly nine out of 10 parents have bought unsafe toys for their babies.   To help parents understand the most-common dangers facing their baby and what they can do to protect against them, the Home Safety Council offered several great tips…

Safe Sleep Tips
Research found that an alarming number of new parents put their babies to sleep in cribs with potential suffocation hazards, including: blankets (68 percent), bumpers (47 percent) and stuffed animals (34 percent). Follow the tips below to create a safe place for your baby to sleep:

  • Put babies to sleep on their backs. Keep pillows, blankets and toys out of cribs. Do not hang anything with strings or ribbons over cribs. Mobiles should be removed once the baby starts to sit up.
  • Keep baby monitors and other cords a safe distance from the crib.
  • Put a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm near the bedrooms. A CO alarm will tell you if the gas level is too high.
  • Make sure to have working smoke alarms inside or near every bedroom. Test each smoke alarm every month. Put new batteries in your smoke alarms at least one time each year.
  • If your smoke alarms are more than 10 years old, replace them with new smoke alarms.

Nursery Safety Tips

  • Children can choke on small things. If something is small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube, it is not safe for little children. Look in every room of your home. Pick up small items like buttons, coins, jewelry and small toys.
  • Never leave the baby alone on the changing table, even for a second. Always use safety straps on high chairs, changing tables and strollers.
  • All pictures should be secured out of reach. Don’t hang pictures or other heavy decorations directly over a crib.
  • Keep cribs, beds, chairs and other furniture away from windows.
    Install a baby gate at the nursery door.
  • Replace all door stops that have removable caps that can pose a choking hazard.

Safe Bathing Tips
Many new parents don’t realize babies can drown in as little as one inch of water. In fact, one in five (20 percent) new parents surveyed didn’t know they should never leave their baby unattended in the bath tub, even if there is no water in it. Follow the Home Safety Council’s advice to keep your baby safe while bathing:

  • Drowning can happen very fast. Most of the time you will not hear someone drowning. Stay within an arm’s reach of young children when they are in or near water.
  • Hot water burns like fire. Set your home water heater at 120 degrees F or just below the medium setting to prevent burns. Use a water thermometer to test bath water. The water temperature should be no more than 100 degrees F.
  • Babies and young children have delicate skin. Install special tub spouts and shower heads that prevent hot water burns.

New and expecting parents can test their safety knowledge online by taking the Home Safety Council’s “New Parent Know-How: Baby Safety Quiz.” After completing the quiz, parents can visit to learn what they can do to create a safe haven for their growing family.

Photo taken from The NY Times

Photo taken from The NY Times

The overnight star from Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle, recently got a makeover. 

With her eyebrows waxed and her hair colored, the judges of Britain’s Got Talent are apparently not pleased with Boyle’s new look.  They were hoping to cash in on her dowdy style and angelic voice.

UPDATE:  Susan Boyle got another makeover!  Click here for her updated look!

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Photo by snukraina

Photo by snukraina

If you want healthy hair, it starts with your diet.  I spoke with renowned hairstylist, Penny at Hollywood And Mane, and asked her for solutions to the most-common hair concerns.  Here’s what she had to say…

“Everything you put into your body comes out through your hair, so like your skin and body, it craves healthy food,” explains Penny.  “Hair is mostly protein and a well-balanced diet will give you strong, shiny locks.” 


Dry hair
If your hair is dry and breaks easily, it is probably a lack of essential fatty acids.

SOLUTION:  Oily fish (tuna, sardines, trout, salmon, herrings and mackerel), seeds, nuts, olives and avocados.  Another nutrient important for hair strength and growth is trace mineral silica, found in rice, oats, lettuce, parsnips, asparagus, onion, strawberry, cabbage, cucumber, leek, sunflower seeds, celery, rhubarb, cauliflower and green, leafy vegetables.

Greasy hair
A lack of vitamin B in ones diet can lead to oily, greasy hair.

SOLUTION:  Whole grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs, wheatgerm, legumes and green, leafy vegetables. Also steer clear of oily foods where possible.

Greying hair
There hasn’t been a link between premature greying and diet, but evidence suggests that amino acid tyrosine may help.

SOLUTION:  Fish, chicken, pork, whole grains, wheat, oats, milk, cheese, yogurt, avocados, bananas, beans, almond, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Thinning hair
Thinning hair or hair loss may be a sign of iron deficiency.

SOLUTION: Red meat, eggs, legumes, wholegrain cereals, dried fruits and green, leafy vegetables.  Since hair is composed mostly of protein, your hair will most likely respond well to the addition of high protein foods such as meats, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts.

Penny adds, “Whatever your hair type, drink water!  Keeping your hair hydrated is a must, especially with the summers heat.”

If you have questions for Penny at Hollywood And Mane, email


Photo by cindylutes

Photo by cindylutes

A Cinderella story comes true for underprivileged teens…

Instead of having your old prom dress sit in the closet and collect dust, why not be the fairy godmother for a young girl by donating it to The Glass Slipper Project.  This organization makes prom dreams come true by offering shoes and dresses to teens who could not ordinarily afford them.

Chicago area high school students are the beneficiaries of donations received by the Glass Slipper Project.  The charity estimates that so far more than 10,000 Chicago high school girls received prom shoes and dresses.

Another such charity is The Princess Project, which helps San Francisco Area high school students.  Bay Area girls in need of prom shoes, dresses, and accessories can reach out to the Princess Project in San Francisco for help with their own Cinderella story. The Princess Project suggests that so far prom dresses and accessories have been donated to more than 9,000 Bay Area high school students.

There’s also the Ruby Room that prepares Seattle high shool students for the prom.  The organization is dedicated to the reuse of almost-new prom shoes and prom dresses.

What are you waiting for?  Dust off your prom attire and make a young girl’s day by donating to these great causes!

By 7-Year Old Taylor Rice

By 7-Year Old Taylor Rice

A serious illness is often difficult for children to understand.  Now, there’s a book called My Cancer Mommy that walks them through the scary journey of cancer, from diagnosis to recovery.

The most amazing part is that this book was written by a seven year old named Taylor Rice.  So, My Cancer Mommy speaks to kids from a kid’s voice, and like Taylor’s mommy did for her, it takes the hands of children of other cancer mommies to help them cope. 

The book is available in hard cover for a Suggested Retail Price of $24.95, including shipping and handling.  Proceeds help support Moms with Cancer.  

To order My Cancer Mommy, go to or  DeAnna Rice, Taylor’s mommy and the subject of the book, is currently in negotiations with other leading online bookseller to carry My Cancer Mommy.

Seal & Heidi Klum

Seal & Heidi Klum

Recently singer Seal, 46, confirmed the rumours surrounding his wife’s, supermodel Heidi Klum, pregnancy.

Seal said, “The topic of debate outside our hotel is, ‘Is Heidi having another baby?’  Heidi and I are having another baby.” He added “I mean, Heidi is doing all the work…”

Klum, 35, and Seal have two sons together, aged two and three. Seal is also stepfather to Heidi’s four-year-old daughter, whose biological father is Italian F1 boss and Queen Parks Rangers FC owner, Flavio Briatore.

The couple started dating when Heidi was pregnant with her first child and got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2004.  They married in May 2005 on a beach in Mexico.

Update:  Seal just announced that they’re expecting a girl! –Marvelous!

Find out Heidi’s maternity style secrets by clicking here.

Heidi chats about her growing family, click here to read the article.

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Photo by haloocyn

Photo by haloocyn

Are you deciding on a wedding date?  Well you may want to consult numerology first.  The date of your wedding may determine the course of your life together, according to Visions of Reality

To calculate your numerology, simply add up all the numbers in your wedding date.  Then refer to the explainations below.  Example:  Dec. 7, 1969 becomes: (1+2+7+1+9+6+9) = 35 which become (3+5) = 8

**1**   The courtship was unforgettable, and perhaps a bit longer than most, and how you and your beloved met is quite a romantic story. Much like the hand of Fate. Choosing a Number ONE wedding day indicates that you are a very affectionate and loving couple. It shows a maturity with the marriage, and an ability to work through disagreements and upsets in a respectful manner. This loving couple is seeking total oneness with each other.  Remember that from this day forward you need to allow for the inevitability of change. Flexibility and Understanding is the Number ONE’s Wedding Day Key to Success!

**2**  If you choose a Number TWO wedding day to be married, you will want either a very private or extremely public wedding. This is the number for eloping, and the Number TWO wedding day may need to be a marriage in secret. Your mother’s advice will either be strongly accepted or rejected when making the wedding plans. There is no in-between. Emotional maturity of one of this couple may be lacking, but maturity is a valuable asset to the success of this union. Don’t be surprised if everyone sheds a tear or two on this wedding day, for the ceremony will certanily have a sentimental quality.

**3**  If you weren’t joking when you said you’d marry only for the money, then you might find a Number THREE day an excellent choice for boosting your financial security through the luck of this partnership. You both may be overly concerned with what family and friends are thinking of your union, and also that your wedding has to be the biggest and the best! If you two expect too much, than this day sould start off as a great big disappointment, with perhaps even a downpour of rain.

**4**  If you both have been discussing and agreeing on all of the responsibilities of what marriage brings, and have carefully weighed the pros and cons of married life, perhaps you will choose a Number FOUR day to be married. The significance of a Number FOUR wedding date is faithfullnes until death do you part. This is a couple who can work together and accomplish goals that would otherwise seem impossible, such as running a business successfully together, or expanding housing, having multiple property units as real-estate holdings, a single bank account and every project is one of togetherness. Whatever it is, from buying a home to having your children, will be carefully timed and planned.

**5**  If you have chosen a Number FIVE as your wedding day, you may be putting the emphasis on how well you and your beloved communicate with each other. This will be an active marriage, and will need to fight monotony and boredom, so it will be wise to have some individual interests as well as ones shared. This is a marriage where each of you will need your space, your own workplace, and lots of alone time.

**6**  The blessings of Venus with all of her Love and Devotion fall on the Number SIX wedding day. Love, affection, peace and happiness are the favors Venus may bestow. This does not mean that there is no challenge or that you are under some kind of magical charm. Responsibility, trust and caring are a must for maintaining this wonderful beginning. This couple will be willing to work hard and long hours together, with lots of time for discussion and planning things out, because the marriage will become the upmost of importance in both lives. 

**7**  Watch out if you have chosen the Number SEVEN wedding date! Change, upsets, or a relocation of the reception hall may be in order. Though the Number SEVEN day represents upsets with plans, it may also represent being resuced at the very last minute. Rule by Uranus, the Number SEVEN wedding day can represent lost plane tickets, accidents, a gown that doesn’t fit or the maid-of-honor showing up after the ceremony. Uranus also represents a fast and furious courtship, waking up in the morning and finding yourself married to a stranger, being stood-up at the alter, as well as this partnership being an unwise decision. If there is happiness and love with this union, then perhaps one of the parent’s does not accept your intended as the proper mate, putting pressure and guilt on everyone.

**8**  Wow! Baby! When choosing the Number EIGHT for your wedding day, you want to be compatible in every way with your partner, and sex will be a very important aspect to this relationship. This is the couple who, one enchanted evening, exchanged glances to each other across that crowded room and knew right away that they were meant for each other. Then they spent the next several weeks in bed, woke up one day, went to the Justice of the Peace, and were married. They will tell you that they felt married before the second glance on the first night they met. Once locked, they are inseparable!

**9**  A Number NINE wedding day may indeed be one of secret. Another date of possible elopement, because the Number NINE wedding day is ruled by Neptune. The faith you were brough up in may be a very important factor to consider before this marriage takes place. This will be a very spiritual event, following all of the wedding rules of whatever faith is followed. One of this couple may practice medicine or perhaps, may be handicapped. There is an overshadow of the Divine with this union, whether the couple being married are aware of it or not.

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