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5 tips for choosing a fertility doctor/clinic

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Photo by lizvandhal

Photo by lizvandhal

Dr. John Rapisarda with Fertility Centers of Illinois – one of the nation’s leading infertility treatment centers – explains that physicians and clinics have different criteria that limit entry into their IVF programs; and that the more restrictive criteria leads to higher pregnancy rates, because only individuals with the best prognosis are eligible for treatment. “This may then limit access to services for some couples who are less likely to get pregnant, making it difficult to directly compare statistics between programs,” he adds.

With this said, the The Fertility Centers of Illinois has provided five tips for selecting a fertility doctor and clinic:

1. High Order Multiples: Like the octuplets case, if a clinic reports an elevated number of high- order multiple births, it may suggest that the program is transferring more embryos in order to maintain a competitive success rate.

2. Success of Cryo-embryo Transfers: A high rate of success reflects an excellent embryology lab that can culture and store embryos and improve the overall cycle efficiency from a single retrieval. Ideally, success rates should be no more than 10-15% lower than fresh transfer rates.

3. Egg Donor Success Rates: Avoid a program with low egg donor success rates. This is a great equalizer as it is the most controlled group going through IVF. When trying to evaluate a program, it eliminates other variables such as different selection and cancellation criteria.

4. Size of Practice: A smaller practice often cannot offer all of the cutting edge services or perform them as well as a larger practice, where the physicians and embryologists continually face a larger variety of the most challenging cases that enable them to gain added expertise and maintain their skills.

5. Services Offered: For the absolute best chance at conception, ensure that the program offers all of the latest techniques, such as PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) and Third Party Reproduction.

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Ito selecting your preferred providers, also consider the professional service offered, the egg donation success rates, the egg donor screening, the affordability of egg donation, the tests undertaken on recipients prior to embrarking on egg donation IVF.

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