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The daring summer hair trend

Posted on: May 29, 2009

pixie cutYou’ve seen it on Victoria Beckham, Kate Gosselin, Rhianna and many other celebrities.  The pixie cut is this summer’s must-have hairstyle.  Besides the edgy bob, woman are opting to go a step further with this daringly shorter style.

“This is a great cut because it can be tailored to match any face shape, personality, age and hair texture,” explained hairstylist Penny Doster with Hollywood And Mane salon.  “It suits everyone and anyone’s face shape.”

According to Penny, the most common customized areas of the pixie is leaving the hair longer in the back or at the sides of the head.  Its upkeep is also simple, with women only needing to apply either a light mouse before blow dry, or a workable pomade after  blowdrying. 

Tip:  To spike/texture  your own creative pixie try applying Lanza’s Urban Elements Molding Paste ($13).  It provides design support for creating fresh, unique styles.

If you have questions for Penny, email


1 Response to "The daring summer hair trend"

This post has really made me want to get the pixie cut. I think I’m gonna do it! 🙂

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