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Get Heidi’s maternity style

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

This is Heidi Klum’s fourth pregnancy, and she definitely still holds the title for hottest mom-to-be.  Heidi recently spoke to PEOPLE about her maternity style…

Heidi said that she doesn’t shop at maternity stores.  “I love to be creative and find cute things in between,” she says. “It’s about finding good shapes. Cool tops. Right now for example, I love the skinny pants and blousier tops, and then when I get bigger, I like to bring the form back to the body. Then I like to show it off.”

Heidi’s favorite maternity garment?  Balenciaga’s black jeans.  “They are super stretchy, and they are not very high, so you can kind of fit them under the belly. The bump on top can still grow,” she says.  However, just for an everyday look Heidi says, “I love the lumberjacks and the ripped jeans. They are comfortable. I love over-sized t-shirts and jeans.”

To learn more about Heidi’s pregnancy, click here.


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