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Baby found in shoe box

Posted on: June 24, 2009

Photo Courtesy Of:

Photo Courtesy Of:

A baby was found in a Timberland shoe box on Long Island, New York.  The child, less than a day old, was found in the lobby of an apartment and still had her umbilical cord attached.

Police are looking for the mother and will press child abandonment charges once found.  However, police believe the mother purposely put the child in the lobby so she would be found. “She must have been concerned about this child. [The baby] was left to be found. She was prepared properly” one of the police technicians said about the case.


1 Response to "Baby found in shoe box"

PREPARED PROPERLY? Are you kidding yourself? A person who prepares themselves properly and is CONCERNED about their own child does NOT leaving them in a lobby inside a shoebox like a dog. She could have dropped the infant off at a Hospital, now that would have been a true mom who prepared properly not for herself but her own baby! sincerly… Proud mother of 2!

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