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Don’t let your eyelashes show your age

Posted on: June 24, 2009

Photo by Leannz0r

Photo by Leannz0r

Aging not only occurs in the skin, but also in the hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.  Not only can the hair on your head become gray and thin, but aging plays a key factor in slowing down the renewal process of eyelashes – and the last thing a woman needs to worry about is the loss of her flirty lashes.

Both eyelashes and eyebrows may turn gray and become sparse as follicles become dormant and melanin is produced by follicles. These aging factors – in addition to outside aggressors like mascara, eyelash curlers, make-up removers, medications, etc., which all ravage lashes over the years – mean that lashes need an extra boost.

Nutritional supplements, vitamins and other products will not stop the aging of lashes and brows, but an eyelash conditioner that strengthens lashes will help lashes stay on the lid longer, allowing them to grow.  Try a product like neuLash eyelash conditioner, which promotes healthy, natural lashes in as little as two weeks.  This is a favorite among celebrities because it’s paraben-free and includes essential proteins, peptides, vitamins and moisturizers.  It really takes years off your eye area.  To see before and after pictures, click here.

neuLash is available for $150 at, Saks Fifth Avenue and top spas nationwide.


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