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Baby momma drama

Posted on: July 6, 2009

lil wayne nivea lauren londonThe Rumors are true! Actress and model Lauren London (pictured far left) announced she is pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne’s child. But that’s not all, Lil Wayne has another baby due this year!

Lil Wayne aka “Weezy” may possibly be the baby father of R&B singer Nivea as well, to whom the rapper is reportedly engaged.  If Nivea’s baby is Weezy’s, this will make four children for Lil Wayne by four separate women. 

Lauren London was seen sporting her large baby bump at the Diddy and Ashton Kutcher hosted White party in Beverly Hills recently.  Click here to see the pics.

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8 Responses to "Baby momma drama"

i just was checking tto see if this was true this spank c NWA crewster tell lil wayne where is my baby tina he gave me call spank c nigger 773-213-4250

i was seein if this was true, lokin lakke a true player

Lauren London is so much prettier than Nivea. To tell i have no clue who this Nivea chick really is all i kno is that shes the dreams x

well i heard lilwayne still love nieva and and wanna be wit her newnew just gettin and the way her and ti made i good couple dat who she should be pop by

Nivea is an R & B singer from the 90’s i think … If i remember correctly her last big single was wit the twins from Jagged Edge “Dont mess wit my man”…. B4 Nivea was the dreams wife … she was Wayne’s fiance…. Had Wayne nose open WIDE… I remember a old interview on a video show… Baby was tryin to tell wayne to stop tellin errbody how in love he was.

OMG! Lauren what is the deal? Here’s a little advice for you. Don’t hate the game hate the player. You should have known that he was no good. Just like his rap career. Please stop looking like the stupid person now! If anything i would go to court right away. He’s in no condition to be raising any children. He cant even raise the kids he got because he’s in jail. That’s no lifestyle for any child. Now don’t take this the wrong way or anything. Just know better next time and take my advice as constructive criticism. Girl i still think that you ROCK!

well ill have 12 kids by him but damn wayne u all 2 b shame of ur self !!!!!!!!!1

Hello….condoms anyone???

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