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Best baby shower gifts

Posted on: July 7, 2009

best baby shower gifts ideas uniqueFinding the perfect baby shower gift can be a challenge.  You want to give the new mommy something practical, cute and unique – because you don’t want her to have to return duplicates.  Here are several great gift ideas that any new mommy would love and that will leave the all the shower guests cooing:

1) FuzziBunz ($19 each) – stylish diapers that are reusable, chemical-free and made of microfleece, which pulls moisture away from the skin to keep baby dry. To find a retailers in your area visit

2) Poo-Pourri Jr. ($12.95/4oz. or $19.95/8oz.) – a diaper spray made of all-natural anti-bacterial essential oils such as bergamot, lemongrass and grapefruit.  It eliminates the source of odor causing bacteria and uses a secret formula that safely and effectively traps and diffuses odors in cloth and plastic diapers, leaving your home fresh and clean.  Available at

3) Bling-Baby Onesie ($19) – Onesies are a traditional shower gift, but Bling-Baby makes onesies with attitude!  These adorable garments have sayings like, “I’ve arrived” and “Rock Star.”  They’re so cute they’ve been featured in the likes of Life & Style and OK magazine.  Available at

4) MoBoleez ($35) – Not every mom likes to breastfeed behind a blanket.  So the solution to this is a hat designed specifically for the breastfeeding baby.  The hat has a tiny little head and great big brim that gives mom a little privacy and shields baby from distracting lights or noise.  MoBoleez come in several different colors and patterns, to match the new mommy’s style and personality.  Available at

5) Milkscreen ($5.99) – When breastfeeding, moms are often hesitant to have a glass of wine or a cocktail.  So instead of the precautionary pumping and dumping,  moms can take a two minute test to detect for alcohol in breast milk.  And after nine months of pregnancy, she’ll surely be ready for a cocktail with her girlfriends!  Available at



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