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Coffee the next Alzheimer’s drug?

Posted on: July 8, 2009

coffeeResearchers at the University of Florida say that regular coffee consumption may reverse memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

When testing this theory on mice, the reachers discovered that a group given caffeine tested better on “memory and thinking skill” trials than those given only water. 

The BBC explained, “[T]he brains of the mice given caffeine showed nearly a 50% reduction in levels of the beta amyloid protein, which forms destructive clumps in the brains of dementia patients.”

Scientists discovered that caffeine limits production of two enzymes that form the harmful proteins.  But scientists  warn that there is still a great deal of research needed to study caffeine’s effects on humans before any serious claims about using the stimulant as a treatment drug can be made.

It’s no surprise that researchers are finding that caffeine reverses memory problems associated with aging.  Caffeine has been a hot anti-aging ingredient in skincare for a while. In recent months, more indications of caffeine’s beneficial properties are surfacing.  Caffeine-rich products, like Relastin Ultra Emollient, are becoming popular for their ability to smooth and repair skin.


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