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Valentino or Paris Hilton?

Posted on: July 9, 2009

paris hilton valentino shoesAlthough we all love Manolo, Jimmy and Valentino, do we really need to spend thousands of dollars to get the hottest shoes?

As part of the Antebi Footwear Group, Paris Hilton’s signature footwear line will have you looking like an heiress without spending like an heiress.  With savings as much as 95 percent, the collection features a range of styles from sexy stilettos to stylish flats, boots and wedges. 

Having arrived in stores in 2008, Paris Hilton Footwear fuses stylish, fun fashion as well as function and affordability. The line is designed to be chic, trendy, and produced with high quality components and finishes, so you can make a statement at an extremely affordable price.

Paris Hilton shoes can be purchased at and


2 Responses to "Valentino or Paris Hilton?" trackingback – Valentino or Paris Hilton?… trackingback – Valentino or Paris Hilton?…

Paris shoe looks better!!!

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