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Baby Boomers whiten teeth to get jobs

Posted on: July 15, 2009

baby boomer teeth whitening trendNew York’s leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Thomas Connelly, has seen a huge spike in Baby Boomer patients seeking teeth whitening to help them find a new job.  Since the recession started, Dr. Connelly’s business has prospered thanks in part to people over the age of 55 looking to improve their smiles to land a new or better job in this tough economy.   
The latest unemployment numbers were just released and they are at a 26-year high. The group of people that has been hit the hardest happens to be the Baby Boomers and for them unemployment is happening at an even faster rate. The unemployment rate of those over 55 has jumped from 6.7 percent in May to 7.0 percent in June, which is drastically higher than the unemployment from one year ago which was at just 3.4 percent.
Labor statistics are also showing that it is taking Baby Boomers much longer to get back to work once unemployed – The solution? To stay competitive with those who are 10, 20 or even 30 years younger they need to get a quick fix to get them back in the game – and for many, that fix is improving their smiles. You only get one chance to make a great first impression and with the job market as dismal as it is, Baby Boomers need to stand out among younger hopefuls with a bright, winning smile.


2 Responses to "Baby Boomers whiten teeth to get jobs"

It’s so hard to have natural-colored (read yellow) teeth when everyone else is making their teeth unnaturally white. Will I succumb? It has yet to be decided.

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