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The $99 million divorce

Posted on: July 15, 2009

Wendy Touton, George David and Marie David

Wendy Touton, George David and Marie David

Yesterday 67-year-old United Technologies chairman George David, whose 37-year-old wife is demanding approximately a third of his fortune, took the stand in Hartford Family Court answering questions about purchases of lingerie  for his mistress, Wendy Touton.

But apparently the wife, Marie Douglas-David, is the one who wants out.  After seven years of marriage she wants a $99 million settlement despite a 2005 post-nuptial agreement she says she signed under duress.

“I married a very controlling person,” the Swedish countess said in a phone interview with The Courant about her on-again, off-again marriage that began unraveling two years after their 2002 wedding.

“I’m not mad at him,” she said, insisting she is not bitter. “But I feel sorry for him. It’s not an elegant way to divorce.”

$99 million?  Why not make it a cool 100?  Maybe that’s asking a little too much.  Either way it’s more than $14 million per year she was married to George David.


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