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Challenge your friends to a game of skinny

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Cherry red summer apple isolated on whiteIn a perfect world, we’d lose weight by eating red velvet cupcakes while sitting in a tub of crème brulee.   Unfortunately we don’t live in that world, but there is a book that makes dieting a game of fun: Krista Vernoff (producer and writer for Grey’s Anatomy) and Az Ferguson (Body-For-Life Million Dollar Champion) challenge people to the ultimate fitness game in THE GAME ON! DIET.
In the book, Krista shares the diet that helped her lose more than 40 lbs of post-baby weight.  By taking the focus off the deprivation of “dieting” and putting it on the excitement of kicking your friends’ collective butts, THE GAME ON! DIET helps people get fit in a unique way that brings people together and produces tangible results.  Here’s how THE GAME ON! DIET works.  You play for four weeks. During those four weeks, you earn points by:

-Eating five small, balanced meals a day (30 points per day)
-Drinking three liters of water a day (10 points per day)
-Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a night (15 points per day)
-Exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes a day (20 points per day)
-Changing an unhealthy habit into a healthy one (i.e.: giving up TV and taking up reading, or giving up computer games and taking up meditation.) (20 points per day)
-Being in contact with at one teammate and one opponent a day (5 points per day)

If you add up the points from a perfect day, they will equal 100 points. If you have a perfect week your score will be 7 days x 100 points = 700 points.

However, having a perfect week is something to aspire to, as you LOSE points by snacking, eating “unsanctioned foods” such as sugar and fried foods and drinking alcohol (though, you do get one full day off a week to indulge without penalty!).

If you’re a true game super star, you can receive bonus points for turning your weekly scores in on time (10 extra points per week) or for losing at least 1 percent of your weekly starting body weight (extra points equal to 20 percent of your weekly score: if you have a perfect week the bonus will be 20 percent of 700 points = 140 points).

A perfect score week equals seven 100-point days + the 10-point scorekeeping bonus + the 20 percent weight loss bonus: 700 + 10 + 140 = 850

You can play by yourself, one on one, or on a team.  If you’re on a team, the scorekeeper tallies up the points after four weeks and divides by the number of team members.

For more information on the THE GAME ON! DIET, visit


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