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Tango leads to booming business for female entrepreneur

Posted on: July 20, 2009

edressme-joannestonerSeven years since its inception, eDressMe has become the leading online retailer for dresses – and it all began with one woman’s passion for tango! 
Entrepreneur Joanne Stoner, a Harvard MBA, founded the company seven years ago as a result of her passion for tango.  As a tango-dancing enthusiast, Joanne found it rather difficult to find dresses for the sport and began to seek out designers for tango fashion. As such, she started the website, which provided dancers with not only the means for purchasing tango dresses online, but also as a social network to discuss the sport, well before social networking sites were all the rage.
After seeing great success with eDressMeTango, Joanne decided to expand the categories to dresses of all types and, the popular online dress website, which began out of Stoner’s studio apartment, was born.  Today, carries over 4,000 styles from over 140 brands.  Joanne continues to take risks, grow her business and increase YTD sales even in the down economy.

What a marvelous girl!


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