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Susan Boyle gets another makeover

Posted on: July 21, 2009

susan boyle makeover new lookSusan Boyle, the overnight Britain’s Got Talent sensation,  revealed yet another makeover in her recent interivew with NBC News.  In the interview she joked, “I brush up quite well,” referring to her new haircut, color and more flattering clothes. 

She’s looking pretty good.  What do you think?

Click here to see her old look.


3 Responses to "Susan Boyle gets another makeover"

[…] Susan Boyle got another makeover!  Click here for her updated […]

She just keeps looking better. And the best part, she looks incredibly happy and is proud of her new style. You can tell she glows with confidence.

The best thing in my mind about Susan Boyle is that she was confident from the very start. She was sassy that first time on stage while she was still “dowdy.” If she wants to update her look to go with her personality and incredible voice, I’m all for it!

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