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Dog takes baby from crib

Posted on: July 22, 2009

dog takes baby from crib

Parents, Michael anbd Chrissie Smith, brought their newborn baby, AJ, home happy and excited.  AJ was only home for 24 hours when the parents found the crib completely empty and the baby missing.

According to ABC NEWS, “Frantically, they searched the house and surrounding woods, calling 911 when they couldn’t find him. Ten minutes later, Michael Smith found the family’s dog, Dakota, with AJ in her mouth. Baby AJ is now at the hospital in critical condition. Born three weeks early, he suffered a cracked skull, broken ribs and two punctured lungs when Dakota took him from his crib.”

The baby’s heart stopped at the hospital, but doctors and nurses were able to resuscitate him.  The family was completely shocked and left wondering why their dog would do such a thing.

Dakota, a mixed breed of Native American Indian dog, was put into a shelter and there is talk of euthanasia.


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