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If swine flu didn’t scare you enough

Posted on: August 7, 2009

dirty places homeWith the start of the school season comes the battle against germs. But if you thought you could stop worrying this summer, think again. 

According to Dr. Grace Keenan, Founder and Medical Director of Nova Medical, one of the most renowned four-site integrative health facilities in the country, “There are breeding spots in our home and daily life that actually contain more germs than in a school class room.”  Below are some of the most common “hot spots” that you might have not identified as infected places.

  • The dreaded shopping cart– Shopping carts are rarely, if ever, cleaned. This means that your average shopping cart will have traces of saliva, blood, fecal matter, mucus, semen and even E. Coli bacteria on it. Not very appetizing, is it? To help protect your child, and yourself, from these awful germs, consider using a cart protector every time you go food shopping. 
  • The handle on your refrigerator– Think about all the times that you have opened your refrigerator before washing your hands.  Take time out every day to rub the handle down with an anti-bacterial spray or wipe.
  • Computer Keyboards– Most people, according to the experts, don’t bother to clean their computer keyboards until their fingers stick to the keys. While this is an obvious exaggeration, it does bring to light how often if ever the keyboards are cleaned.
  • Playground Equipment– Playground equipment is touched by hoards of both healthy and infected children.  Parents can wipe down play equipment such as swings before their child uses them, but the best way to prevent infection is to keep those hands clean. 
  • The Swimming pool– There has been a dramatic increase in infections and infectious diseases from swimming pools over the past few years. Some strains of bacteria and viruses have built up resistance to the chlorine we use as a sanitizer in our swimming pools.

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