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What to expect before you’re expecting

Posted on: August 10, 2009

WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE YOU’RE EXPECTINGYou may have heard the old saying “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes you-know-who with a baby carriage.” It’s a funny little rhyme – and an accurate summary of the path that many newlyweds follow. Couples should know however that there are important steps to be taken long before the baby carriage is needed. They need to start planning now for future pregnancies.
In fact, leading medical experts recommend that all hopeful parents start planning and prepping for pregnancy at least three months before they begin baby making. If you’re a wannabe mom who is looking for guidance through that vital preconception (and conception) process, then you may want to check out WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE YOU’RE EXPECTING by Heidi Murkoff.  The novel is the must-have, step-by-step preconception plan every couple needs before they’re expecting.   
In the book, Heidi covers everything couples need to know before sperm meets egg, including:

  • how to prep for conception and boost fertility
  • how weight weighs on fertility, for both hopeful moms and hopeful dads
  • eating before you’re expecting—which foods are fertility-friendly and which are fertility busters
  • baby-making how-tos, from tracking fertility to timing sex to the most effective positions
  • fertility challenges and other bumps along the way, with the latest on fertility testing and treatments

You’ve taken great care to plan your wedding day – often down to the last detail – so shouldn’t you do the same for the next big event in your life?


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