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Maximize your wardrobe with My Fashion Plate

Posted on: August 12, 2009

My Fashion PlateRemember Cher’s closet in Clueless and how bad you wanted to plan your outfits on your computer too?  Well, My Fashion Plate™, a hip virtual style community and wardrobe management tool, allows women to do just that! 

The website helps you maximize your wardrobe, includes free, personalized virtual closets, custom Body & Style Analysis, and real-time tips, wardrobe assessment and advice from professional stylists.

“While living in Manhattan and struggling to manage my own wardrobe as a result of a tiny closet and even smaller budget, I dreamed of having a high-tech closet that would allow me to easily create and organize my outfits as well as my own personal stylists to have on hand for expert fashion advice,” said Jessica Mandeville, founder and CEO of My Fashion Plate. “I created My Fashion Plate to offer the luxury of those tools in an online destination any fashion lover can use.  Fashionistas everywhere can now have access to exclusive styling tools, allowing them to make the most of their wardrobes before even opening their closet doors.”

For fashion mavens envious of the personal styling services celebrities enjoy, the site makes expert styling services available to anyone – most services start under $5.  The website’s social networking features also let users leverage style advice from peers to put together amazing looks.  Marvelous!

Congratulations to the five winners of the Look Book service giveaway from My Fashion Plate!

Heather Brewer, AZ
Denese Rodden, MI
Allison Haspel, GA
Ashley Tombley, WV
Lisa Mascaro, CA


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