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Pole dancer dolls and tassle shirts for kids?

Posted on: August 31, 2009

pole_dancer_dollThe Internet is buzzing right now with parents in an uproar after pictures of a supposed pole dancer doll were posted online. No one really knows who originally took the photos and where the doll was found.

Apparently the doll dances when the music is turned on, and she goes up, down and around the pole. While the doll doesn’t actually look very provocative, but rather innocent like a child, the very concept of the is causing great distress amongst concerned parents.

And that’s not the only “kids” item parents are angry about.  One company is making baby-tees with nipple tassles.  ParentDish interviewed the designer behind TwistedTwee, which is sells t-shirts for babies and preschoolers that include nipple tassels.

The designer, Suzi Warren, told said that “The Nipple Tassel t-shirt was designed as a response to my own distaste at seeing mini versions of sexy clothes on young children. Five-year-olds wearing slashed mini skirts and boob tubes, little thumb-sucking Britneys.”


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