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New e-source to buy and sell luxury goods

Posted on: December 5, 2009

Looking for luxury? is a new global luxury goods e-store to buy and sell unused, unwanted and gently used luxury and designer items.

Anyone wanting to sell an item can send it to Luxury Division.  It will then be assessed, valued and a price agreed, and if selected, photographed and featured in a brand and product category together with a description.  Once an item is sold the payment is processed and the item is then shipped directly to the buyer, presented in stylish Luxury Division packaging.   All of this is handled by the Luxury Division team. It is that simple and so easy.

Buyers can select luxury and designer items knowing that they can always find something special at Luxury Division whether it is a limited edition handbag (without the waiting list) or those sought after sunglasses (why pay retail?)

And you can shop or sell luxury at Luxury Division 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

The e-store is launching early 2010 and gives sellers 60% of the final sale price.  Luxury Division is not an auction site, but a second-tier purchasing platform for luxury goods.

Consign now at Send it, sell it, simple.


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