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Lyrics in Reggae music bridge the gap between mother and son

Posted on: December 15, 2009

Lauris Faith believes that, in large measure, we are responsible for the life we have, and that the choices we make shape and mould us into the persons we are.  Little did she know that Reggae music would be a source of salvation in her life.
Like many parents, her relationship with her son Damon was tested during his “Teenage Years”. After a period of estrangement from her younger son – which lasted far too long – a wonderful reconciliation occurred. And as they grew closer, they found ways to communicate and relate and a new mother son relationship was discovered. This relationship had blossomed and matured due to the lyrics they had found together in Reggae music.
Years later, Damon suggested she write down her thoughts and share what was on her mind. So she did and found that she enjoyed writing immensely.
The resulting book, My Life I Make, is a living legacy to her children and an example for others about the pleasures and wonderful gifts a parent can give to her children while alive. It is a collection of 65 thought-provoking, inspirational pieces based on the philosophy that each of us is responsible for the choices we make in life.
Lauris says that it is true that in some cases there may be little room to make choices; but there is always a choice to be made, even if it is how to approach the fact that the choices are limited.
She has learned that it’s not wise to worry about things you have no way of changing. She says you just have to constantly try to recognize the things that can help you become a better person.
“We take our chances in life and we live with the results of the decisions we make. Life owes us nothing – it is up to us to do the best we can with whatever gifts or trials life puts in our path,” she says. “We need to be grateful for whatever we have.”
In two words, her writing dispenses effervescent hope. Her book captures her personal, contemporary “Prodigal Son” experience and allows people to experience and benefit from the heightened knowledge that comes from relating to her sons using the lyrics of Reggae music as a starting point.  It has allowed her to express and sharpen her “philosophy on the run” perspectives on life.

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