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Children’s Organ Transplant Association assists 1,400th patient

Posted on: January 7, 2010

One-year-old Parker Scaife of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, is the 1,400th patient to begin work with The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA). Baby Parker needs a kidney transplant to save his life.

Parker was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure and spent the first 128 days of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He must undergo a 12-hour home dialysis treatment, called peritoneal dialysis, every day.

“Parker is a true miracle because the night he was born we were told he wasn’t going to make it,” said Lindsay Scaife, Parker’s mom. “All hope was lost at that point. When he was four-hours-old the doctors told us if we wanted to have him baptized, it would need to be done quickly. We chose an outfit and went to his hospital room to spend our last moments with him. Instead, Parker just kept beating the odds day-by-day. Hope is what kept us going.”

Adding to this family’s hope? Mom Lindsay is a perfect match for Parker and will be his kidney donor. To receive his mother’s kidney, Parker must weigh in at the 10 kilo mark. While he has met that milestone, the small size of his bladder has currently put the transplant on hold. Parker’s bladder has never been filled, meaning that it is less than one quarter the size of a normal baby his age. The family is waiting for an upcoming surgery that will place a tube in his bladder allowing for it to be filled with saline up to five times per day. If all goes well, Parker’s living donor kidney transplant will be in late spring or early summer.

But hope comes with a price tag. The Scaife family represents a majority of Americans — they have health insurance through their employers; however, their ability to financially support Parker’s medical needs will soon be exceeded. They are concerned about insurance life-time maximums and paying deductibles, co-pays and other expenses, like the expensive medications Parker will require for his lifetime.

Earlier this fall, Dustin and Lindsay Scaife reached out to COTA for help with Parker’s transplant-related expenses; their team of volunteers has been working tirelessly ever since.

Lori Kletzien, Vice President of Milwaukee-based Building Service Inc., serves as Public Relations Coordinator for Parker’s COTA team of 20 community members. According to Lori, “We have raised more than $15,500 to date and we haven’t had a fundraising event yet. Having the ability to use COTA’s website and viral marketing tools has been amazing. Parker’s COTA website ( is trustworthy and people feel very comfortable making online donations. When we started working with COTA, they sent out a press release about Parker’s journey and within 30 minutes of the email being sent by COTA, we were contacted by a local television station that taped an interview and aired it that day,” Kletzien added.

According to Dustin Scaife, “COTA has helped us offer Parker a true second chance at life. With us near our lifetime max on health insurance, it is so comforting to know we are able to focus on Parker and not on how we are going to pay for the bills. Saying ‘Thank you, COTA’ doesn’t seem to be enough.”

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association is a national charity that provides fundraising assistance and family support for children needing life-saving transplants. COTA’s priority is to assure that no child or young adult is denied a transplant or excluded from a transplant waiting list due to lack of funds. 100 percent of all funds raised in honor of patients are used for transplant-related expenses. For more information about COTA, visit or call 800.366.2682.

To visit Parker’s website, click here.


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NIce story…… I really enjoy reading this post…
keep writing..:D

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