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I found this great deal from Udder Covers.  Now you can get ANY of their nursing covers if you use the promo code “freecover”. It brings the price down from $32 to $0. You just pay shipping..$9.95. They are selling out fast! If you want more than one you just have to do separate orders! Perfect for gifts!

Click on “Shop Now” and then put in the promo code freecover and go from there.

I just ordered one and it was very easy.  I have seen a few people use these and they would be a great gift for anyone that is nursing.

Just three months after giving birth to her fourth child, Heidi Klum announced plans to launch two maternity lines: Lavish by Heidi Klum and Loved by Heidi Klum will debut online and in stores Feb. 12 for A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity, respectively.

Lavish includes 15 pieces of “iconic style and seamless fit”, like a slinky black maxidress ($128). Loved will offer 14 more-affordable comfort items, like a loose-fitting floral print top ($40) and blue button-down tunic ($30).

 “I experienced fashion challenges during my four pregnancies and combined my knowledge of what works in terms of style, comfort and practicality to create these lines,” Heidi stated. “Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable and feeling great about your changing body. It’s an exciting journey.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Having a first child can be overwhelming – with the new bundle of joy comes the new lifestyle, new responsibilities, new sleep schedule, etc. 

An alarming amount of parents can get overwhelmed, particularly in the first few weeks of bringing the baby home.  This could be a lot less of a stressful experience knowing some tips from the experts beforehand.  

BornFree, the leading chemical and BPA-free baby product manufacturer has provided some tips below to guide first time parents in ensuring a more pleasant experience for mom, dad, and baby:
1. Get your home in order before the baby arrives: Clean, organize, and find a place to store all baby products, so they can be easily accessible.
2. Find the places that are open all night and who will deliver to your home – keep a running and accessible list of nearby pharmacies, grocery stores, etc. and have these numbers readily available. 
3. Keeping your baby safe is the most important. Products that are BPA and chemical free are essential. 
4. Try and lock down a sleep schedule ahead of time to adjust to both your needs and your baby needs. Taking turns between parents is a great way to ensure both parties are tending to the baby while taking care of their own health as well and getting as much rest as they possibly can.
5. Read up beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician questions before the baby even arrives in your home such as what to expect for feeding, sleeping and general care of your child.
About Born Free:  BornFree™ has developed a range of products baby bottles, cups and accessories that is totally free of the potentially dangerous chemicals Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC.  According to researchers, BPA may cause developmental and neurological problems if it leaches from plastic., a company dedicated to the lives of women trying to conceive, pregnant or whom have kids already, has released a study with alarming results. The survey, which interviewed over 400 pregnant women, revealed that 78% admit to a poor diet, inadequate exercise or not taking a prenatal vitamin daily. The survey also showed:

  • 61% don’t take a pre-natal vitamin daily as they feel it makes them more nauseous
  • 55% did not seek expert advice on which pre-natal vitamin was suitable for them
  • Over 25% of respondents admitted to consuming alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine
  • Folate and Iron are the most sought after vitamins/minerals in a pre-natal vitamin but over 50% respondents don’t know what foods naturally contain them
  • When asked what they look for in a pre-natal vitamin price was considered more important than absorption rates or ingredient quality
  • 80% don’t change their pre-natal vitamin formula from pre-conception to breastfeeding Founder and General

Manager of, LLC, Mollee Bauer, said “Our community boards are always buzzing about how pregnant moms struggle with diet, exercise and taking their daily pregnancy or prenatal vitamin and much of it can be attributed to feeling nauseas. In response we have created the first ever prenatal vitamin with a 100% anti-nausea GUARANTEE and an online nutrition clinic.”

Many women don’t realize that their vitamins may be making them feel unwell, adding to typical morning sickness symptoms. Typically, prenatal vitamins include iron, an essential nutrient during pregnancy, but when taken with other vitamins and minerals it can be hard to absorb and cause an upset stomach. The new anti-nausea formula allows moms to take a separate, highly absorbent iron + Vitamin C capsule and a prenatal multivitamin with B12, which has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with morning sickness.

The company enlisted the help of Beverly Hills Registered Dietitian, Deborah Klein, to develop the new anti-nausea vitamin. “In the last fifteen years of practice I’ve worked with thousands of moms-to be and as a mom myself I know the importance of getting enough nutrients and choosing the right prenatal supplement. Our aim was to create a pre-natal vitamin with everything a mom and baby needs that could help alleviate nausea not create it. If mom’s try any of the products and it doesn’t help we offer a 100% anti-nausea money back guarantee!!”

The new range of prenatal and pregnancy vitamins are exclusively available through The clinic also provides information on how to eat right during pregnancy and online consultations with Registered Dietitians.

lisa loeb roey Hershkovitz pregnantSinger Lisa Loeb, 41, and her husband Roey Hershkovitz, 31, are expecting their first child.

Loeb met Hershkovitz , a music production supervisor for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, in 2006 at a business meeting.

Engaged late last year, the couple had a winter-wonderland-themed Manhattan wedding in January.

sarah_michelle_gellar_baby pregnantSarah Michelle Gellar has remained tight lipped about her due date, but the Buffy The Vampire Slayer star is looking like she’s near delivery. 

Appearance aside, Gellar recently had a baby shower with friends Michelle Trachtenberg and Shannon Doherty.  A sign that she and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s little bundle of joy may be here soon.

Photo by doriana_s

Photo by doriana_s

Your special little someone is about to arrive and baby is going to need an equally special birth announcement – after all, this is his/her debut  and first impressions are everything.  It may seem like an easy task, but once couples get started they may find it more challenging than they initially thought. 

Here are five tips for creating the perfect birth announcement for your little bundle of joy:

1. Select a card that shows your family’s style—unique and individual to represent you and your new baby.

2. Selecting a photo—choose one with sentimental value that evokes a special memory.

3. Keep it simple—a simple introduction followed by the birth details such as name, weight and birth date is ideal.

4. Save time and money by using an Internet photo card company, like  Easily select a template and then insert the photo and text. Once complete, the birth announcements are delivered directly to your home.

5. Research photo card company websites prior to the birth. Then, insert the photo and information to complete the project when baby arrives. Traditional etiquette suggests birth announcements be sent within 6 months of the birth.

Celine HonoredCanadian singer, Celine Dion, is trying another round of in-vitro after an unsuccessful second pregnancy.

 Dion, who has made no secret of her wish to have another child, already has a eight-year-old son with husband Rene Angelil, 67.

Celine Dion is one of the world’s top selling female singers and last year earned more than $235 million from her first world tour in eight years, according to trade publication Pollstar.

kourtney-kardashian pregnant -scott-disick

Kourtney Kardashian, the 30-year-old reality star of the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is pregnant.  Kourtney admitted she was a little bit surprised by the pregnancy.

“I was just so shocked,” she told PEOPLE. Kardashian says that she was “in the Everglades and I kept feeling nauseous and sick. I just kept thinking something wasn’t right. … I went to the doctor and he confirmed the news.”

Kardashian revealed the father is ex boyfriend Scott Disick (pictured) – whom she called off their engagement with in February.

She also confirmed the baby is due “right around Christmas time.”

WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE YOU’RE EXPECTINGYou may have heard the old saying “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes you-know-who with a baby carriage.” It’s a funny little rhyme – and an accurate summary of the path that many newlyweds follow. Couples should know however that there are important steps to be taken long before the baby carriage is needed. They need to start planning now for future pregnancies.
In fact, leading medical experts recommend that all hopeful parents start planning and prepping for pregnancy at least three months before they begin baby making. If you’re a wannabe mom who is looking for guidance through that vital preconception (and conception) process, then you may want to check out WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE YOU’RE EXPECTING by Heidi Murkoff.  The novel is the must-have, step-by-step preconception plan every couple needs before they’re expecting.   
In the book, Heidi covers everything couples need to know before sperm meets egg, including:

  • how to prep for conception and boost fertility
  • how weight weighs on fertility, for both hopeful moms and hopeful dads
  • eating before you’re expecting—which foods are fertility-friendly and which are fertility busters
  • baby-making how-tos, from tracking fertility to timing sex to the most effective positions
  • fertility challenges and other bumps along the way, with the latest on fertility testing and treatments

You’ve taken great care to plan your wedding day – often down to the last detail – so shouldn’t you do the same for the next big event in your life?

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