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These days many brides are saying goodbye to the traditional solitaire and opting for bands instead.  Why? It’s cheaper, more practical in everyday life and totally chic!  Here are a few of Marvelous Girl’s wedding bands picks this season:

This mix of 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold by EV Jewelry Design is stunning.  On each of the pieces as a pave there are 120 round diamonds VS2 G color, Russian cut, totalling 1.20 karats.  Price: $3,457.00

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend this ring will never leave your sight!  A Timeless piece designed by Kwiat, it ranges from four to 15 karats and is set in platinum.  The price varies by karat size.

Black and white never goes out of style and that’s why we adore this ring.  With white and black diamonds in an 18-karat white gold setting, this knife-edge ring from Ivanka Trump is sheer elegance.  Price:  $2,300

Another masterpiece from EV Jewelry Design crafted in 4.75 DWT of18-karat white gold, with 140 round cut VS2 G color diamonds at 1.40 karat and 72 round cut VS2 G color diamond at 0.72 karat.  Price:  $2,094.00

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With the economy showing signs of recovery, industry research firm IBISWorld analyzed more than 700 industries to identify the winning sectors in the coming year.

Many of the biggest industry losers during the recession are expecting a massive rebound in revenue growth and are on their way up in 2010:

The financial system, which was brought to its knees over the past two years, is showing signs of life. The biggest winners in the upcoming year will be:

However, these industries have a long way to go before they return to pre-recession conditions.

Oil & Gas
Much like the finance sector, oil-related industries are expected to rebound strongly in 2010:

Demand for crude oil and gas will rise substantially in 2010.  With the recovery in the world economy and increasing revenue prospects for fuel distributors and retailers, operating conditions will be more favorable.

Virtually the entire automotive supply chain in 2010 will be in far better shape than the disasters of the past two years:

In fact, these industries and New Car Dealers are the top three growth industries in terms of employment for 2010 – all of which will grow their employee size by more than 16 percent.

The telecommunications sector has remained resilient in the face of the recession, and is set to thrive during the recovery:

This sector is poised to prosper from a recovery with the government’s allocation of $7.2 billion in stimulus funds. Throughout the recovery, M&A activity is expected to continue as telecoms attempt to position themselves to make the most of the converged communications world that will emerge over the next decade.

Following a dismal year of retail demand over 2008 and much of 2009, the coming year is set to be far more positive for retailers:

Although spending in 2010 will not mirror the highs experienced throughout the economic boom, it will be significantly better than that of the past two years. eCommerce-related businesses will outperform the broader retail market, while women’s and children’s clothing sales will also experience favorable gains. However, men’s clothing will take longer to recover.

Operators that provide elective treatments had some trouble during the first half of 2009, as the labor market has deteriorated and consumer sentiments remained weak.  But, demand should intensify for these industries from mid-2010 onwards:

Other Winners
Other industries expected to experience solid growth during the recovery period include Donations, Grants and Endowments, Water Well Drilling, Mining Support, and Biotechnology.

The New Year offers endless possibilities to set new goals and break bad habits. How about starting new couple habits that will strengthen your relationship?, says Dr. Noelle Nelson, relationship expert and author of Your Man is Wonderful (Free Press, 2009).
“Now is the time to take a look at some of ‘him-and-her’ patterns developed over the years. Keep those that work and change those that don’t,” says Nelson. “You know the ones, like the roll-your-eyes-snide-comment thing you do every time your husband laughs at what you consider to be some inane sitcom gag. Or your severe sigh and heavily judgmental, ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ way of ending arguments.”
These all worked to get your point across at some point in the relationship. “We don’t establish patterns because they will fail. Him-and-her patterns emerge because they work,” explains Nelson. “When you were first together, letting him know your opinion of a sitcom with a roll-eyes-snide-comment was cute. It certainly was more acceptable than saying something downright demeaning. But over time, it’s not cute, and in fact, can be downright irritating.”
In this example, Nelson points out that for the husband, watching sitcoms may relax him; take him away from a world of worry and responsibility. “Instead of rolling your eyes when he turns on his favorite show, accept the good that watching does for him,” says Nelson. “Don’t react negatively. Better yet, smile, knowing the show is of value to him.”
An “I don’t want to talk about it” pattern may have kept you from flying into a temper during an argument in the past, but now all it does is prevent you from discussing issues that need to be discussed if your relationship is to deepen and thrive. “Change that pattern to ‘I need some time to cool down. Let’s come back to it later. Is that okay?,” says Nelson. “That way, you can handle your heated emotions without dropping an issue that will only continue to fester if left unaddressed.
“We have patterns of behavior for all types of situations, continues Noelle. “We couldn’t function in our highly complex world if we didn’t have reliable patterns to go by. But left unexamined, our patterns can become a prison, keeping us locked in behaviors that no longer contribute to a happy, joyful life.”
Nelson suggestions that this New Year, take a fresh look at your him-and-her patterns. “Keep the ones that work,” she says, “and let go of the ones that don’t. With new patterns, you’ll see a surge of love and a stronger bond between the two of you.”
For more marriage tips, go to Nelson’s blog, or follow her on Twitter,

Deep V-necks,  scoop-neck tops, and V-shaped blazers was one of the strongest menswear trends, during New York’s September Fashion Week. Celebrities such as Jude Law, Ed Westwick and HBO’s True Blood star, Mehcad Brooks have all sported their “Heavage” recently.  So what is this new men’s fashion phenomenon?

NY-based Menswear designer, Miguel Antoinne, included this trend in his Spring 2010  collection, sending models down the runway sporting the look. Miguel predicted this would be a huge fashion trend and this shape featured heavily in his collection.  Miguel explained to Marvelous Girl more about the trend:

MG:  WHAT exactly is heavage?
MA:  The male equivalent to cleavage. 

MG:  WHY such a big comeback?
MA:   The trend has been around for a few seasons now beginning with the now thank-goodness, extinct deep V-tshirt. 

MG:  WHO will be sporting this trend next season?
MA:  The sexy, the proud, the confident…these leading men of style will have taken the trend to the next phase of its cycle. 

MG:  HOW should men wear this look – blazers, v-neck, low scoop t-shirts?
MA:  It is a versatile look that men should have fun with.  There is the flexibility of dressing the look up or down while still baring the fur and feeling sexy. Fit really is going to be the most important relative to this look next season. The fit should be loosely draped as if effortless. The fitted, deep-V was always a NO. 

MG:  And How much hair should men dare to bare?
MA:  Men should bare as much of their man fur as their inhibition allows them to. Obviously more or less works with different outfits. Buzz works better with more dressy looks where as one might be able to pull off a bush with a t-shirt. 

The miguel Antoinne collection is a favorite among celebrities and has been worn by American Idol finalists, singer Trey Songz, Marlon Wayans and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood). As a former menswear buyer, trendsetter and up-and-coming designer, Miguel Antoinne is the perfect gateway in to men’s fashion trends.

A study by BRIDES Magazine reveals how and why couples are recasting the traditional wedding and what defines THE NEW AMERICAN WEDDING as we enter 2010.

The stuffy by-the-rule-book wedding of years past has completely vanished. There is a woman in white, music, food, cake and vows – but every other aspect of the American wedding has been reconsidered. The New American Wedding presents itself as an unlikely, but decade defining, combination of the fundamentally traditional with the wildly original.

The word “party” has literally replaced “reception” in wedding lingo. Right now, it’s all about combining personal touches and ethic flares. Grooms are taking part and couples, together, are determined to “throw the best party ever” that feels uniquely their own:

Fewer than half of weddings take place in a house of worship. One third of couples marry outdoors. 20% of couples have a friend or relative deputized to perform the ceremony. 13% of receptions feature music via i-Pod. Over 1/4 of couples plan their weddings around a theme (romance in Paris, Stars and Moons). 85% of couples are personalizing at least some aspect of the reception. 97% of grooms get involved with the planning. For those going with live bands, they’re thinking specialty bands i.e. salsa, R&B, Polka and brides are entering less to “Here comes the bride…” than to Coltrane, Coldplay and the Beatles. Soul-food and Mexican are the new go-to wedding cuisine.

At the same time, many couples are holding on to certain wedding traditions that have been in place for generations:

A full 76% will have a large wedding with all the traditions, half because “it’s a beautiful ritual they’ve always looked forward to.” 87% of women will wear a long white dress. 85% of couples will enter their reception (or party) to “For the first time, Mr. and Mrs….” 93% will indulge in a cake-cutting ceremony. 75% of brides will toss the bouquet and just under that amount will share a father/daughter dance.

womens escape weekendThe sixth annual Women’s Escape Weekend entitled “Rediscover, Re-Energize, Relax” will be held at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort January 15-17, 2010. 

According to Suzanne Shalaby, Kiawah’s Special Events Manager, this weekend is designed with everything that women love in mind.  “It features informational speakers, cooking demonstration and class, as well as hands-on workshops designed to rejuvenate, pamper, and inspire today’s active and informed women,” said Shalaby.  “With holiday chaos over, it will be a time to rejuvenate by taking a break, meeting others as well as exploring The Sanctuary and Kiawah Island.” 

Proceeds of the event will benefit the Charleston Center for Women, the only comprehensive women’s development center in South Carolina whose mission is to make personal and professional success an everyday event for women in the Lowcountry.

Event Package is based on a double occupancy and starts at $735 per person for two nights at The Sanctuary or $640 per person at the villas. All prices are inclusive of taxes and service fees and include:

Friday reception
Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday)
Lunch and cooking demonstration class
Wine Tasting
Books written by Margaret Seidler and Beth Webb Hart
Dinner on Saturday
All workshops and presentations throughout the weekend
Welcome Spa amenity and gift bag
Friday Day Pass $49 per person
Saturday Day Pass A (includes all day activities) $295 per person
Saturday Day Pass B (all activities excluding evening activities) $165 per person
Sunday Day Pass $105 per person
For reservations or details, call 800-654-2924, or visit online for more information at

wedding planning tips 2010With the recession being part of our lives today, most brides and grooms are quieter in the way they project and plan their wedding. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be “au courant”.  Minoo Hersini, Creative Director at Au Ciel Design Studio shares these great tips on how to be “in” for a 2010 wedding.:

  • Be selective of your guest list.  Include close family members and friends.
  • Find unique venues such as barns, art galleries, studios and homes instead of large ballrooms.
  • Chose communal tables (long table seating) verses individual 8×10 tables.
  • Use candles to substitute pin lighting.
  • Stick to some classics. Utilize a clean, floor length and high quality cotton tablecloth.To add flavor, use elongated mirror runners and different textures to create a mood.
  • Flowers are a key element for weddings. Work with creative floral designers to guide you through this process.
  • Chose menus that will reflect your way of eating.  Serve simpler and healthier dishes instead of heavy meals and have them sampled.
  • Incorporate natural elements for table decorations such as leaves, bark, branches, grass and moss intermixed with flowers.
  • Create a signature cocktail.  It is more fun and original than an open bar.

Lastly, simple elegant weddings require good taste and vision. Consult with professionals for ideas.

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