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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, eating dinner together as a family every night keeps the doors of communication open between parents and children.  Furthermore, family dinners are also a perfect opportunity for moms and dads to teach children about eating healthy and making good food choices.
“Although hectic schedules have made family dinners a thing of the past, there is compelling evidence that sitting down at a table to share a meal is an ideal environment for family interaction,” said Laura Olson, vice president of education for Kiddie Academy International.  “In addition to discussing the school-related events, dinnertime is the perfect time to talk about healthy eating topics, such as the five food groups and the importance of having different colors of food on your plate.”
Olson notes that families should aim to sit down to a meal most nights of the week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  A home-cooked meal is not necessarily required; families can connect just fine over takeout served at the family dinner table.  For those parents wondering how they can make the most of family dinners, Olson offers the following tips:

  • Be curious – Showing an interest in a child’s likes and dislikes can result in the child feeling appreciated, respected and emotionally secure.  Ultimately, the child experiences a surge in self-confidence, which can positively shape his or her developmental progress in the classroom.
  • Get creative with conversation – Lively dialog is crucial to getting your kids to listen and share, so have all family members tell their favorite part or biggest challenge of the day.  Not only will this give everyone a glimpse into each other’s routine, but it will also help kids expand their vocabulary with new and intriguing words.
  • Be specific in your questions – Instead of just inquiring about the day at school, ask about a particular book the child may be reading or an art project he or she may be crafting.  This will help the child foster ideas and opinions about the assignment that he or she may not have previously considered.
  • Let kids plan the menu – Getting children involved in the planning aspect of dinner gets them accustomed to thinking ahead and following step-by-step directions.  Additionally, cooking is a great way to have them practice their math skills, such as adding fractions.

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January is one of the busiest times of the year on Internet dating sites. Since online dating has lost its stigma in a world where singles lead frenetic lifestyles and have little time to find love, traffic on these sites will continue to increase, according to Rochelle Peachey, who has written two books about dating and in February 2010 is launching I Love Your Accent, an international online dating web site for singles in the United States and the United Kingdom.
“Online dating is now accepted as a respectable way to find love, especially with people who have busy careers and/or are not interested in the bar scene,” Peachey said. “January is a time to set the stage for something new and better. It’s worth taking a chance. You’ll have regrets if you’re left to wonder ‘Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda and I wish I had.’”
For the multitude of singles seeking love online in the new year, Peachey offers these suggestions:
Post a Photo. Pictures are extremely important. If you don’t post one, people will think you have something to hide or you are hideous. Some individuals claim they are not including a photo because they are a famous personality or they are in the public eye, and they prefer to be discreet. That is a poor excuse. And be sure to post nice pictures. Don’t just include an image that showcases your amazing breasts, but be sure to show your face, too. Also, don’t post a picture of your willy or your family jewels. Well, at least not until she or he asks.
Be Honest. Present yourself accurately. Don’t post a five-year-old photo when you had a thicker head of hair and weighed 20 pounds lighter. It will be a waste of time for everyone involved. Consider the Golden Rule. Would you like someone in which you are interested on an online dating site to mislead you about his or her looks and features?
Be Creative. Devote plenty of time to composing your profile, and write engaging and original descriptions. Present yourself in a positive light. Nobody likes a potential love interest who is bitter, negative and/or conceited. And remember, use tact. When writing your preferences, say you are searching for someone who is slim; don’t write “don’t be a fat pig.” If you want someone tall, it’s preferable not to say ‘no short asses welcome.’ An English person’s sense of humor (and spelling) is different. That’s something to remember, too, especially on
Be Clever. In your profile, it’s best not to describe yourself as “caring” as we all care about something! Don’t say, “I love movies and music.” Instead, write examples of specific movies and songs you like. It’s alright to say you like walking in the rain, especially if you’re looking to meet someone from the UK . You’ll be inundated with replies (it rains a lot over there).
Hook Them From the Beginning. Try to come up with a clever header, rather than Hello, or Looking 4U, Are you the one, just curious, etc. These are all boring and overused. Try to spice it up a little and make it more amusing and memorable. For example, how about “New Kid on the Block Needs Tour Guide” or “If You’re Irish, Can I Come into the Parlor? (an old Irish song).
Be spontaneous.
Many single people would not think twice about hopping on a plane for a five-hour flight from Florida to California to meet someone special. It’s only two hours more to fly from New York City to London . If you feel a connection with someone, show some spontaneity. Don’t be shy about taking a chance. It creates excitement. Don’t forget you will need a passport ! That accent may get you going so you will need up-to-date
travel documents.
Safety first. It might sound obvious, but tell a friend or family member where you are going when you finally decide to meet someone in person from an online dating site. Don’t offer personal details until you’re ready. Don’t send money to anyone. If you’re ready to meet and you want that person to travel to you, buy them a ticket.
Be confident in who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t say you are an attorney with three homes around the world if you live in a small apartment. Don’t say you are a great conversationalist if you are quiet. Focus on your strengths. If he or she is not interested, then move on to the next profile.
Don’t take it personally if someone is not interested in you. You’ve heard of the saying, “Different strokes for different folks.” It’s really OK to state your preferences. Don’t be mad at the guy who wants to meet a slim woman. That is his preference and he’s allowed his choices. When a female says she likes tall men or men with hair, that’s her choice. Yeah. she may be 4-foot-11 and wearing a wig, but if her choice is a 6-foot guy with flowing hair like Fabio, hey, that’s what floats her boat. There is someone for everyone, so be patient.
Think outside of the box. If you live in Daytona Beach , for example, and you are only willing to meet someone who lives in Daytona Beach , then you are drastically limiting your options. Instead of limiting yourself to people in your area, why not be adventurous and consider meeting someone from another country?
Actually be single. “This might sound obvious, but in my two books, many of the men who responded to my ad were married. Even if I was interested in meeting someone from those ads, I would have never considered someone who is married.”

Have reasonable expectations. Some women only consider wealthy men and some men only consider younger women. Ask yourself what it is you have to offer the other person and if that person will truly be interested.
Don’t assume. Not all English folk speak in Cockney rhyming slang, up the apples and pears (stairs) plates of meat (feet) and jolly good and tally ho. Nobody in England speaks like that except the AT&T operators who think they are being clever or funny as you place your collect call. Speaking of telephone operators, if you are English, don’t ask the operator if you are through, she will be thinking……..I don’t know, are you? You should say, am I connected, through means done, finished! Don’t ask English people if they know the Queen or someone called John that their dad met once. On the other hand, it’s best not to ask an American to knock you up in the morning.
“The important thing to remember is not stay positive and don’t give up just because a month or two passes and you still haven’t found a potential love interest,” Peachey said. “All good things are worth the effort. Online dating is no different.”

Christie brinkley marriage

In a recent interview with Ladies Home Journal, supermodel Christie Brinkley vows never to marry again and says she hasn’t thought about dating again, even a year after her nasty divorce battle.

“With what I know, I don’t see why anyone would get married,” Brinkley, 55, who has been married four times.

Brinkley insists she believes wholeheartedly in “true love” and urges couples to “celebrate their love again and again.”

But, she just wants lovebirds to think about how they will manage a possible breakup. “Right at the beginning of a relationship, I would formalize an exit strategy,” she said.

There is no new man in the supermodel’s life. “You’ve got to be whole before starting with someone new,” she told the magazine for its July issue. “I’d have to feel, ‘Okay, the time is right to be open to that again.'”

Photo by lockstockb

Photo by lockstockb

Hilton Family of Hotels has teamed up with Samantha Goldberg, celebrity wedding planner and star of the Style Network’s “Whose Wedding is it Anyway,” to create a new wedding planning Website, “Guestiquette.”  The online wedding resource will shed light on tricky wedding guest etiquette topics, provide guidance on working with a hotel, offer tips on making out of town guests feel welcome, and offer access to the Hilton Family’s signature online group booking tool at for brides to book and manage their guest hotel accommodations online.

Samantha Goldberg, wedding planning expert, is the voice of Guestiquette. The website covers topics such as:

“I’m Engaged, Now What” – Help in getting started planning a wedding including tools for guests’ hotel accommodations, an easy-to-use budget tracker, tools for guest hotel accommodations, a straightforward, manageable timeline and more.
“How to Speak Guestiquette” – Answers to common guest etiquette questions that trip up many couples while planning their wedding.
“Making Guests Feel Welcome” – Simple ways to help guests feel appreciated for being present on the big day, including tips from real brides and advice on what should go into welcome letters and baskets.

“Tough questions about modern-day guest etiquette threaten to trip up every bride and groom: Who gets to invite guests and who doesn’t? What do I pay for and what do my guests pay for?” says Samantha Goldberg, celebrity wedding planner and television personality. “The language of ‘Guestiquette’ is tricky, so I teamed up with the Hilton Family of Hotels to provide brides and grooms with this much-needed, helpful advice for planning their weddings.”

Brides also will have access to the Hilton Family of Hotels’ online group booking tool, which allows today’s busy but tech-savvy brides and grooms to plan, book and manage their wedding blocks (five to 25 rooms) online with real-time inventory across the Hilton Family of Hotels, with 24/7 booking access. After brides or grooms book their wedding block online, they receive a call from the catering or sales team of the hotel offering additional assistance and support. The couple also receives immediate access to a tool that allows them to review which guests have booked rooms and which guests need a gentle reminder, as well as a tool that lets them create a personalized Webpage for their wedding and include a direct link to allow guests to book their room in the couple’s hotel block.

“At Hilton Family of Hotels, we’ve seen an increase of 211 percent in brides who plan, book and manage their wedding room block online through Hilton’s group booking tool,” said Bob Brooks, vice president – eSales Strategy and Performance, Hilton Hotels Corporation. “In addition to providing couples with easy online tools to book and manage their wedding blocks, our new Web site, Guestiquette, provides them with guidance on the ins and outs of working with a hotel and making out-of-town guests feel not only welcome, but right at home.”

Photo by val-j

Photo by val-j

Blues, purples, greens and corals are the hot colors this summer, according to international style expert and celebrity makeup artist, Sue Devitt:   

Moving away from the brown, smokey eyes of 2008, this year make a bold statement with primary and tertiary hues. “Use color to rim and add dimension to the lash line,” suggests Devitt.  “And if you wear a bright eye, use a more neutral shade on your lips and cheecks.”

When going for a bold lip, it doesn’t always have to be red according to Devitt.  “Opt for a fruit colored lip that is the perfect balance between feminine and fun. Pink and coral shades work best for this look whether you’re on the Red Carpet, the boardroom or the beaches of Ibiza. But make sure you keep the tone soft and muted for a classic look.”

If you’re pulling your beauty and fashion ideas from celebrities, Devitt suggests looking at a few marvelous girls from the Oscars:  Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Queen Latifah.  “Each of these women looked exquisite, with perfect symmetry between makeup, hair and dress.  These women weren’t afraid to experiment with bold colors on the red carpet; truly Oscar worthy.”

Sue Devitt is a top international makeup artist whose work has graced the runways of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino. Devitt continues to work with her A-list clients for Red Carpet events including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Cannes Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival.  Her successful treatment-based skin and makeup collection, Sue Devitt Beauty is available in the United States at Barney’s New York, select ULTA stores, and luxury boutiques and spas.