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(Evan Vucci/AP Photo)
(Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

Today the Supreme Court ruled that a school’s strip search of then-13-year-old Arizona teen, Savana Redding, was unconstitutional.  The strip search for painkillers violated the girl’s constitutional rights, despite the school district’s zero-tolerance policy for drugs.

Apparently Redding had been summoned from her middle school classroom and was asked to strip down to her underwear so school officials could search for prescription strength ibuprofen.

The ruling could redefine student privacy rights and set new parameters for school officials seeking out dangerous contraband such as drugs, weapons or alcohol.

Photo by ElvisFan76

Photo by ElvisFan76

Summer is around the corner and this year it’s your time to shine.   I asked renowned hairstylist, Penny Doster of Hollywood And Mane Salon,  to provide a few easy steps for a sexy summer makeover.  Here’s what she had to say:

• Bangs are still around and very stylish! While angled fringe Bangs still tops the list, change it up a bit. Try different angles, blunt or solid. Make them thicker or thinner, if long enough part them down the center. Whatever it is, a slight change, bangs are always noticed – even if you don’t change anything else. It’s a great way to change up your look without too much commitment.

• The haircut craze that is still hot and going strong is the Bob, a timeless and classic haircut .  Lately we have started seeing some added length to this cut, with some exaggerated pieces falling below the jaw line on one or both sides with stacked layers.

• Get a brow wax.  Brows can subtract 10 years from our appearance- eyebrows make a difference.

• Clarify – Everyone needs to clarify from time to time and wash hair from the inside to help remove chlorine and impurities.  A great product to use is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo.

• Protect – spray on hydrating daily UV protector to protect hair from discoloration, fading and all harmful sun rays. It also neutralizes chlorine & metals.  Try Lanza Healing Haircare Swim & Sun.

• Moisturize – Nothing is worse than dehydrated hair especially in the winter.  A good moisturizer is a must for everyone.  Get Euforas Urgent Care (which is also great for sun -burnt skin) or Humectin Extreme Moisture Conditioner by Nexxus Organics.

• GO GREEN!– free yourself of harmful chemicals with the gentle earth-friendly Onesta Haircare shampoo and conditioner.  Always free of parabens and sodium sulfate, your hair will look and feel great when you use pure natural hair care products.

Acknowledge by top stylists for her hair coloring techniques, Penny Doster has 18 years of experience and specializes  in hair coloring, weaves, perms, conditioning treatments as well as prom, wedding and party hair up-dos. 

Hollywood And Mane is located in Mesa, Ariz. at 1235 S. Gilbert Rd.  For an appointment, call 480.748.1148 or visit

Locked Up

With the economy in trouble, it seems that security is among one of home owners’ major concerns.

According to Larson Brewer, the owner of Phoenix-based Suncoast Security, the company’s alarm installations grew from 15 per week in 2008 to 25 per week in 2009.  Suncoast is adding as many as 17 jobs to its staff and has plans to expand to Colorado and Washington to meet the rising demand for security.

“New business is coming from residents and business owners concerned that they will see an increase in break-ins because of the down economy,” explained Brewer.  “Crime is not going down.  In fact, it’s gone up and we expect it to continue to rise.”

What do industry analysts say?

“Security alarm systems are considered a discretionary purchase, therefore revenue is expected to decline 2.3 percent in 2009,” explained George Van Horn, senior analyst with industry research firm IBISWorld.  “Last year, about 65 percent of alarm systems were purchased from businesses, 20 percent from government centers and 15 percent residential.  An increase in demand may be a reflection of recent budget cuts in local police forces.”

Is your home protected Marvelous Girls?  If you don’t have an alarm system in your house, you should really think about getting one.  Better safe than sorry when it involves you and your family.

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