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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Rihanna & Chris Brown

A new survey has uncovered some interesting news regarding the reactions of girls to the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident:

– 95 percent believe Chris Brown’s alleged actions are not acceptable or justifiable for any reason

– 59 percent hold Chris Brown responsible for     what happened

– 33 percent blame both Rihanna and Chris Brown for what happened

– 45 percent believe Rihanna could have provoked Chris Brown

– Girls 13-17 were more likely to think Rihanna provoked him in some way

The findings did contain one disturbing trend among girls – it was the younger ones under the age of 13 who were more likely to blame Rihanna. Self-esteem is at the center of discussion for girls, as the study uncovered almost half of the respondents – 48 percent – believe that low self-esteem will be the primary reason for Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown. This reinforces the importance for parents to speak to daughters early and often.

Girl Scouts of the USA commissioned the study to ensure girl’s voices were accurately represented and to stress the importance of self-esteem among girls.

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