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Deep V-necks,  scoop-neck tops, and V-shaped blazers was one of the strongest menswear trends, during New York’s September Fashion Week. Celebrities such as Jude Law, Ed Westwick and HBO’s True Blood star, Mehcad Brooks have all sported their “Heavage” recently.  So what is this new men’s fashion phenomenon?

NY-based Menswear designer, Miguel Antoinne, included this trend in his Spring 2010  collection, sending models down the runway sporting the look. Miguel predicted this would be a huge fashion trend and this shape featured heavily in his collection.  Miguel explained to Marvelous Girl more about the trend:

MG:  WHAT exactly is heavage?
MA:  The male equivalent to cleavage. 

MG:  WHY such a big comeback?
MA:   The trend has been around for a few seasons now beginning with the now thank-goodness, extinct deep V-tshirt. 

MG:  WHO will be sporting this trend next season?
MA:  The sexy, the proud, the confident…these leading men of style will have taken the trend to the next phase of its cycle. 

MG:  HOW should men wear this look – blazers, v-neck, low scoop t-shirts?
MA:  It is a versatile look that men should have fun with.  There is the flexibility of dressing the look up or down while still baring the fur and feeling sexy. Fit really is going to be the most important relative to this look next season. The fit should be loosely draped as if effortless. The fitted, deep-V was always a NO. 

MG:  And How much hair should men dare to bare?
MA:  Men should bare as much of their man fur as their inhibition allows them to. Obviously more or less works with different outfits. Buzz works better with more dressy looks where as one might be able to pull off a bush with a t-shirt. 

The miguel Antoinne collection is a favorite among celebrities and has been worn by American Idol finalists, singer Trey Songz, Marlon Wayans and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood). As a former menswear buyer, trendsetter and up-and-coming designer, Miguel Antoinne is the perfect gateway in to men’s fashion trends.

Victoria Beckham has taken her denim and eyewear collection in-house, and has overhauled and renamed each,  according  to Women’s Wear Daily. The new styles will make their debut Wednesday on and at a few select stores.

Industry sources estimate the Victoria Beckham dress, denim and sunglass business will ring up $7.5 million in sales next year. In an interview with the paper, Beckham opens up about her hectic schedule (she recently spent the day chaperoning 40 six-year-olds on a field trip), the competition and her drive to succeed.

On being a perfectionist: “It’s about doing things gradually and building the brand in a strategic way. It’s about finding the right time, the right team. With everything that I do, I will only do it after I’ve done all my homework. I really am a perfectionist, and I don’t want to rush anything. It’s not just about putting my name on a product and getting it out there. That’s not what is important to me.”

On her biggest competition: “I’m my competition. I want to do better next season than I did this season. And I’m sure the season after that I will want to beat myself again.”

On what helped shape her into the businesswoman she is today: “I’ve always been driven. I was mentally and physically bullied when I was at school and that gave me a very thick skin…The only reason for me bringing that up is I have always been a fighter. I have always had to work very, very hard with everything I do. That is just my work ethic…That’s my DNA.”

To read the full article and see the collection, click here.

Planning the perfect proposal is one of the most stressful tasks for a man looking to pop the question.  Fortunately, newlywed Ivanka Trump has just launched her New York Proposal Package to simplify the process.

“We understand how challenging it can be for men to not only shop for a ring, but plan the perfect way to pop the question,” said Ivanka, who in turn pledged, “We will plan everything: all he has to do is ask!”

By purchasing any of the diamond engagement ring at Trump’s Bridal Bar in her Madison Avenue boutique, clients are entitled to:

  • A complimentary one-night stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower, or the new Trump SoHo (opening February 1st), both in Manhattan
  • Champagne and one dozen long-stemmed roses waiting in the couple’s suite
  •  A romantic 3-course dinner (and more champagne!) at either hotel’s restaurant
  • Breakfast in bed the following morning

Prices at the Ivanka Trump Bridal Bar start at $800.  And if you haven’t checked out her jewelry collection, you’re really missing out.  The pieces are elegant and breathtaking, just as every bride should be!  See the Ivanka Trump collection at

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Anna Sui Target Gossip Girl lineOne of Marvelous Girls’ all time favorite designers, Anna Sui, has created a line for Target!  And to make things even better, the collection is inspired by the Gossip Girl characters!!  

Sui infused the on-screen style of each Upper East Side, prepster/party girl with her signature vintage aesthetic.  We love it already!

The collection will be in Target stores on Sept. 13 — the day before the season premiere of Gossip Girl.

beth ditto new line plus sizedLarger-than-life rocker, Beth Ditto, has recently launched a fashion line made exclusively for women sizes 10-28. The designs reflect her own sense of style – punk rock and bright colors – including vintage-inspired dresses, cropped jackets, and brightly colored leggings.

The line hit UK stores on July 9, but is only available in the U.S. online at  Not only are garments trendy and fun, but they’re affordable too!  Prices start at $32 for a belt and $35 for leggings, going up to $89 for sequined tops and $105 for elaborately designed dresses.

Nadia Nour eco-friendly clothingI love eco-friendly clothing, but it’s so difficult to find stylish pieces that don’t leave you looking like a unkempt hippie.  That’s why I love the 100 percent organic clothing line by Nadia Nour, which combines style, sophistication and comfort, all while being earth-friendly.

Online dress retailer,, is now exclusively carrying Nadia Nour.   To celebrate the launch of the collection, will be offering 50 percent off NEW styles from Friday, July 10th – July 31.   So now you can get a fabulous cocktail dress and save the environment at the same time…proving you really are supergirl!

Each piece is made with organic and vintage materials, produced locally in New York’s garment district. Nadia’s love of dresses and skirts is apparent in her collection. Each piece is highly stylized, structured, soft, feminine and flirty.

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