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The first cougar cruise set sail in December on the Carnival Elation, but it seems the party has been washed up, according to Carnival’s spokeswoman:

“We have decided not to have any future groups on our ships booked on this theme,” said Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz. “There were not any particular issues on board. However, we simply made the business decision not to have future groups book on this theme.”

There’s going to be some unhappy laddies now.  Perhaps Royal-Carribean can pick up the slack?

The first cruise aimed at older women interested in younger men, set sail on it’s maiden voyage this morning from San Diego. For three nights, sexually charged older women will try to get their hands on equally sexually charged younger men.

Apparently this International Cougar Cruise sold out INSTANTLY and the company sponsoring the event had to hire more staff, just to field the phone calls!

In a press release for the cruise, the organizers promise three full days of meet-ups with singles, dancing and non-stop partying. The pitch for the cruise says that a cougar “knows exactly what she wants … (and) what she doesn’t want is children, cohabitation or commitment.”

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