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Tonight, @katiecouric discusses teen dating violence.  Nearly 30 percent of teenagers say that they have experienced teen dating violence, according to a survey by the Liz Claiborne and Family Violence Prevention Fund.  Katie Couric takes an in depth look at this serious and troubling issue.

candice crawford chase tony romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, has moved on from ex Jessica Simpson and is reportedly dating Candice Crawford.

If the new woman seem somewhat familiar, that’s because she’s “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford’s younger sister.

Apparently Romo, 29, is “getting very cozy” with the 22-year-old former Miss Missouri, according to sources.

And Romo definitely has a type.  Candice bares a striking resemblance to his other ex, Carrie Underwood, who actually dated older bro Chace before he ended the relationship via text message in 2008.

Christie brinkley marriage

In a recent interview with Ladies Home Journal, supermodel Christie Brinkley vows never to marry again and says she hasn’t thought about dating again, even a year after her nasty divorce battle.

“With what I know, I don’t see why anyone would get married,” Brinkley, 55, who has been married four times.

Brinkley insists she believes wholeheartedly in “true love” and urges couples to “celebrate their love again and again.”

But, she just wants lovebirds to think about how they will manage a possible breakup. “Right at the beginning of a relationship, I would formalize an exit strategy,” she said.

There is no new man in the supermodel’s life. “You’ve got to be whole before starting with someone new,” she told the magazine for its July issue. “I’d have to feel, ‘Okay, the time is right to be open to that again.'”

Photo by Lex in the City
Photo by Lex in the City

Does having another woman around make a guy more attractive in the dating scene?  According to Trevor Dewey, the founder of California-based Wing Girl LA, men have better luck with the ladies when they have a platonic girl friend around.

Wing Girls LA is a dating service for men that provides “wing girls” to help them meet women in a social setting.  The girls meet their clients at a nightspot, accompany clients to events and even provide personal shopping services to help them be more fashion forward.

How much does it cost?  Rates range from $75-85 per hour, with a four-hour minimum.  Wing Girls LA also offers dating coaches at $34.99 a month or a three-hour outing, with two wing girls, for $750.

Dewey says, “Most of the people are shy, but they’re interesting, good guys.  They’re just not as smooth as some of the other guys out there.”

What do think Marvelous Girls?  Would you be upset to hear that your husband/boyfriend used a wing girl to pick you up?


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