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We saw these save-the-date announcements and totally fell in love! Handkerchiefs can put a creative, elegant spin on your upcoming wedding and they’re so easy to make at home.

Items needed:

1) Handkerchiefs

2)  Scissors

3)  Iron templates

4)  An iron

The trickiest part is reversing the letters on the template so they don’t iron-on backwards.  Once you write your save-the-date announcement in a Word or any other text-edit document, go to print and specify that you want the image printed as “mirror”.  This is usually located under “preferences” in your print menu.

Once you have the text printed on the iron template, place the image where you like it on the hankie.  Make sure it’s straight and then iron it on.  It’s that easy!

For reasonably priced hankies, click here.

If you’re not the crafty type, then you can also buy save-the-date hankies at Lucky Luxe.  Click here for more details.

Prom Hair3Hair is one of the most important elements to completing your formal look.  For those of you who can’t afford to go to the salon this year, Marvelous Girl is bringing the salon to you.  Hairstylist, Penny Doster at Hollywoood And Mane, provided some simple, costless tips to get the perfect do-it-yourself prom/wedding hair.

“This season it’s all about the feminine romantic look, which is so easy to do at home,” explained Penny.  

1)  Flat iron your hair straight

2)  Tease the crown area for a bit of volume

3)  Pull sections from either side of the temples to the back of the head

4)  Twist the two sections together a couple of times and begin bobby pinning

5)  Add some smoothing serum to minimize flyaways 

6)  Finally, add an accessory like a flower or a decorative pin/comb

TIP:  Match the color of your bobby pins as closely as possible to your hair color; unless you’re looking for them to stand out.

“A common mistake people make is washing their hair.  Your natural oils will help the style set and stay, so it’s best not to shampoo the day of the big event,” suggested Penny.

If you have hair questions for Penny, email