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Fun January activities for the kids

9 – Lowe’s make a Coin Bank 10-11 a.m.
23 – Lowe’s make a Tic Tac Toe 10-11 a.m.

Between night club cover fees, fighting crowds and finding a designated driver or cab, New Year’s Eve can be more work than fun. 

This year, why not take the less-stressful, less-expensive option of hosting a ladies poker night?  It’s a great excuse for you and your girlfriends to have a fun evening without the dangers of drunk drivers and roofies.

Here’s everything you’ll need to host a marvelous ladies poker night:

  1. A Poker Set:  Our favorite poker set is Pink Poker Night Kit from Thought Hammer ($17.50).  The kit comes with pink playing cards, 200 poker chips, invitations and envelopes, party recipes, and a rule book.  To purchase, click here
  2. Pink Vodka:  It’s not New Year’s Eve (or poker night) with a cocktail!  Our choice beverage is Pinky Vodka ($35) because it is full of real botanicals, violet flowers, wild strawberries, and rose petals, fantastic for any fruit-based cocktail…plus it’s pink!  Click here for a retailer near you.  The company also has some fantastic recipes online, click here to check them out!
  3. Cigars:  If you can play cards like men, then you can smoke cigars like men too!  We suggest Red Rothchild cigars from Gurkha ($32.81/5pk) because they’re mild to medium with a buttery smooth taste. The cigars also have pleasant notes of hazelnuts and vanilla.  To purchase, click here.
  4. Music:  Of course you need music at a party, and for this occasion we suggest The Fame album ($15) by Lady GaGa because it has the very appropriate song, Pokerface.  You can find the album at any Target or Best Buy.  To purchase on Amazon, click here.

Good luck and Happy New Year from Marvelous Girl!

For more tips on staying safe this New Year’s Eve, click here.

Happy Birthday to all our marvelous readers!  Check out all the free stuff you can get just for turning one year older. Great deals and activities on your birthday:

Hollywood Video – free rental on your birthday, no sign-up necessary
Sephora – lip gloss trio or vanilla cupcake bubbles (in-store or online)

Have a sweet tooth on your Birthday…..
Baskin Robbins Birthday Club – free ice cream
Caribou Coffee – free drink
Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club – free ice cream
Dairy Queen– free Blizzard when you buy one
Dunkin Donuts – free ice cream
Krispy Kreme– free dozen when you buy one
Marble Slab Creamery – free ice cream
Starbucks – free drink on your birthday

Great Restaurant Deals!
Arby’s Extras – free food w/purchase
Famous Daves – P.I.G. Club – free food, kids included
Fuddruckers – free shake w/purchase
Houlihan’s – free entree
Joe’s Crabshack – free appetizer w/purchase
Lone Star Steakhouse – $15 gift card
Mimi’s Cafe – free food, free breakfast with sign-up
On The Border – free food
Red Lobster – $5 coupon
Red Robin – free burger
Ruby Tuesday – free burger w/purchase
Schlotzky’s – free sandwich
Subway – free meal w/purchase
Sweet Tomatoes – free meal
The Melting Pot’s Club Fondue – free dessert with purchase
T.G.I.Friday’s – coupon 

Let’s not forget about the kidos.  Sign them up to get free stuff too!
Applebee’s – free meal for child, fill out postcard at restaurant
Burger King – free kids meal
California Pizza Kitchen – free meal (10 & younger)
Chuck E. Cheese’s – free tokens (12 & younger)
Denny’s – free meal (10 & younger)
Geoffrey’s Birthday Club – Toys ‘R Us coupon value varies (ages 2-10)
Marble Slab Kid’s Club – free ice cream (12 & younger)
Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club – free meal (13 & younger)
Target Birthday Club – sign-up to get some treats
The Old Spaghetti Factory Kids Club – free meal (12 & younger)

If you know of something that is not on this list, we would love to hear about it at  Happy Birthday!!

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Photo by bobt54

Photo by bobt54

Las Vegas is an adult playground, the perfect place for bachelorette’s to let loose with their girlfriends and enjoy the last days of single-dom. Whether it’s a wild pool party followed by an even wilder night on the town or a relaxing day at the spa and dinner at a swanky restaurant, Sin City has something to satisfy every Bachelorette.  

With so many different hotel options both on and off the strip, Oyster Hotel Reviews sent its reporters undercover to determine which hotels struck the perfect balance of relaxation and debauchery for brides-to-be. 
“Men and women have differing tastes when it comes to partying in Vegas. Women may be inclined to choose a hotel with relaxing day spa to spend time with her girl friends over choosing a hotel with access to great golf courses, for example,” says Will Begeny, Senior Editor for Oyster Hotel Reviews. “Palazzo, Bellagio and the Wynn topped our list for best bachelorette parties for their spa services, hot nightlife and softer styled décor.”

  1. Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino – Average Price: $299/night
    Styled a little softer and more feminine than the bachelor-swank of rival Wynn, the enormous rooms at the Palazzo could host a small party. But it’s what’s outside the rooms that makes this our top pick: The Tao and Lavo nightclubs are among the hippest party scenes on the Strip). The hotel’s world-famous Canyon Ranch Spa is arguably the best spa in town. The hotel houses some of the Strip’s best restaurants, including the Japanese-Peruvian-Brazilian cuisine of SushiSamba. And the shops at the Palazzo include top names like Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg, plus an 85,000-square-foot Barney’s New York.
  2. Bellagio – Average Price: $239/night
    Designed to look like an enormous Italian villa, Bellagio offers serenity (it even has its own botanical gardens) as well as a prime central location for hitting parties on or off the Strip (virtually all the notable clubs are just a short cab ride away). Pamper the whole party at the spa’s whirlpools, eucalyptus steam room, and sauna. The group can also enjoy spa manicures and pedicures together while sipping champagne in a private room. Pick from one of the hotel’s 20-plus restaurants for dinner. Later, burn off the booze and food with a Pilates, cardio, or body-sculpting class at the excellent fitness center.
  3. Wynn Las Vegas – Average Price: $289/night
    Luxury pick Wynn is home to Tryst, one of Vegas’ swankiest nightclubs. Getting beyond the bouncer can be tough, but a group of women should fare well (short skirts might help). The hotel’s more intimate nightclub, Blush, has outdoor seating. Beyond the clubs, the gorgeous spa, and the classy “European pool” (where you can sunbathe topless), the biggest perk at the Wynn is its enormous rooms – perfect for having your whole group over for cocktails before heading out on the town.
  4. Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino – Average Price: $218/night
    Balancing low-key partying with ample pampering, Caesars Palace is a great choice for bachelorettes. (Don’t let that bachelor party gone awry in The Hangover dissuade you.) Qua Baths & Spa, one of the best spas in Vegas, offers, among other delights, its own Roman baths, Laconium steam baths, and Vichy showers; a day pass costs $45. The two-story Pure nightclub has four distinct spaces, each with its own DJ, so you can scope out the right crowd for your mood. And the adults-only Venus Pool is a bit more laid-back than some of the other, more notorious pool parties in Vegas.
  5. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Average Price: $216/night
    Hard Rock is for ladies who are, well, ready to rock. By day, the Beach Club Pool is about the craziest scene on the Strip — especially on Sunday, when it hosts the Rehab pool party. At night, the clubs Body English and Wasted Space — both known to attract celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline — are Vegas favorites. After-hours, you can scarf down some American fare at the 24-hour restaurant.

For girls on a budget, this place sound great too:

The Palms Casino Resort – Average Price: $82/night
If what the bride-to-be needs is to feel sexy, head to the Palms’ coed hammam (Turkish bath) at the chic Drift Spa. When night falls, hit the hotel’s popular Rain nightclub or Moon, another club with live DJs, multiple bars, and a retractable roof. For an especially girly getaway, consider the 2,350-square-foot Barbie Suite, decorated with framed Barbie prints, a fireplace, super-pink Barbie patterns on the pillows and walls, and 65 Barbie dolls mounted on a mirror.

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Cherry red summer apple isolated on whiteIn a perfect world, we’d lose weight by eating red velvet cupcakes while sitting in a tub of crème brulee.   Unfortunately we don’t live in that world, but there is a book that makes dieting a game of fun: Krista Vernoff (producer and writer for Grey’s Anatomy) and Az Ferguson (Body-For-Life Million Dollar Champion) challenge people to the ultimate fitness game in THE GAME ON! DIET.
In the book, Krista shares the diet that helped her lose more than 40 lbs of post-baby weight.  By taking the focus off the deprivation of “dieting” and putting it on the excitement of kicking your friends’ collective butts, THE GAME ON! DIET helps people get fit in a unique way that brings people together and produces tangible results.  Here’s how THE GAME ON! DIET works.  You play for four weeks. During those four weeks, you earn points by:

-Eating five small, balanced meals a day (30 points per day)
-Drinking three liters of water a day (10 points per day)
-Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a night (15 points per day)
-Exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes a day (20 points per day)
-Changing an unhealthy habit into a healthy one (i.e.: giving up TV and taking up reading, or giving up computer games and taking up meditation.) (20 points per day)
-Being in contact with at one teammate and one opponent a day (5 points per day)

If you add up the points from a perfect day, they will equal 100 points. If you have a perfect week your score will be 7 days x 100 points = 700 points.

However, having a perfect week is something to aspire to, as you LOSE points by snacking, eating “unsanctioned foods” such as sugar and fried foods and drinking alcohol (though, you do get one full day off a week to indulge without penalty!).

If you’re a true game super star, you can receive bonus points for turning your weekly scores in on time (10 extra points per week) or for losing at least 1 percent of your weekly starting body weight (extra points equal to 20 percent of your weekly score: if you have a perfect week the bonus will be 20 percent of 700 points = 140 points).

A perfect score week equals seven 100-point days + the 10-point scorekeeping bonus + the 20 percent weight loss bonus: 700 + 10 + 140 = 850

You can play by yourself, one on one, or on a team.  If you’re on a team, the scorekeeper tallies up the points after four weeks and divides by the number of team members.

For more information on the THE GAME ON! DIET, visit

Wrap, Snap & Go Rollers

Wrap, Snap & Go Rollers

Moms, are you fighting your little one to let you do her hair?  Is her hair so thin or straight it won’t hold the curl you spent  so much effort and time curling?  Here are some words of wisdom from our favorite hairstylist , Penny at Hollywood And Mane, that will eliminate you and your daughter’s hair frustrations:

“Make it fun for her!” explains Penny.  “You can do this by having a girly make-over session the night before.  Try using Wrap, Snap & Go comfort hair rollers.  It’s so easy and the rollers are soft and comfortable enough for sleeping.  My daughter has so much fun with this, and as a mom myself, I love the fact that I can get two whole days out of it.”

TIP:  Use bigger sections of hair and don’t fuss over whether or not your parts are straight.  Sometimes, when removing rollers the hair will be VERY curly; just spread the curls out to relax.  Also, try smoothing with Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum and your little diva will be looking oh so fabulous!!!

Wrap, Snap & Go rollers are affordable and available at your local Walgreens for $9.99 or Sally’s Beauty Supply store for $13.49.

Photo by modish

Photo by modish

Are you tired of giving your mom the same old flowers or chocolates for Mother’s Day?  Well here are several inexpensive ideas to please even the most difficult mothers:

Down-to-earth mom – saving the planet one plastic bottle at a time, this mom would love an aluminum watter bottle ($18) from Macys.

On-the-go mom – busy with tennis and lunch with the girls, this mom would get a great deal of use from a Shake ‘n Take Personal Smoothie Maker ($20) from Irie Bargains.

Classic mom – somewhat conservatives with a taste for pretty things, this mom would love personalized stationary ($23.00) from

Natural mom – often seeking products free from parabens and sulfates, this mom would enjoy a Radiance Kit ($15) from Burt’s Bees

Fashionista mom– a lady who likes accessories, this mom would adore an Angie & Lola half ring handle clutch ($20) or a Mossimo black snake clutch ($17) from Target.

Love-me-love-my-dog mom – with her pooch by her side, this mom would beg for soaps shaped like her canine friend ($20) from Gianna Rose Atelier or dog-themed wine charms ($15.00) from

Long-distance mom/grandmother – overjoyed with photos of you and/or your children, this mom would cherish a customized photo greeting card ($2.79) from

Sweet-scent mom – romantic and confident, this mom would smell super sweet in Courtney Cox’s Spotlight perfume ($23) available through Avon.

Home-decor mom– constantly decorating her home, this mom would appreciate lumiere candleholders ($3.95 – 7.95) from

Girly-girl mom – a sucker for a good chick-flick, this mom would love the movie The Women ($20) from Wal-Mart.

Gourmet mom – always preparing delicious treats, this mom will devour a giant cupcake pan ($27) from Cakes N Kitchens.

Whatever the gift, be sure to wrap the package with a beautiful ribbon.  This will instantly add value to your gift by giving it an upscale-boutique appearance, making her feel extra pretty on her special day.

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