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Photo by Scyza

Photo by Scyza

In dire need of a last minute gift for the man in your life this Father’s Day?  Don’t fret.  This holiday, give him what he really wants: YOU

Set the mood by shedding your clothes in style as Marvelous Girl brings you stripping tips from the famed New York City Gentlemen’s Club, SCORES.


Stripping Tips:

  1. Fill the room with romantic and sexy music to strip to that fits your style and mood
  2. Awaken your man’s senses with aromatic candles
  3. Pour wine or a drink with ice – the ice will send chills up your man’s spine
  4. Decorate yourself with a naughty outfit or lacy lingerie
  5. Pole dancing is a thing from yesteryear. All you need are seductive moves and “come hither” eye contact, and he’ll be putty in your arms. 

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