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Just when we thought Photoshop disasters couldn’t get any worse than Demi Moore’s November cover of W Magazine, British actress Emma Watson loses a leg in her Burberry campaign ad.

The photo, by Mario Testino, shows the Harry Potter star with her brother Alex.   But Emma’s leg just seems to disappear.

It’s probably time to tone down the Photoshopping, right?  More magazines need to be like Marie Claire and feature real people.  Click here to see the cover of Australian Marie Claire where Miss Universe 2004 poses un-airbrushed and nude.

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Singer Courtney Love has lost legal custody of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain (17) as of last Friday when a judge awarded temorary guardianship to Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor.

According to Love’s lawyer the decision had nothing to do with a drug relapse, but a decision made by Frances Bean herself.

Last year, Frances told Harper’s Bazaar that O’Connor has been a constant force in her life. “She’s probably the person I respect most out of anybody in the world,” she told the magazine.

In 2003, L.A. County officials removed Frances from her mother following the singer’s arrest for attempting to break into her ex-boyfriend’s home. O’Connor was given legal control over the girl.

Another hearing on the custody matter is set for Feb. 10, 2010.

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