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tips expecting momElizabeth Stein, a leading midwife and women’s health expert with 25 years of experience in fields of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health gave Marvelous Girl her Top Tips for Expectant Mothers.  And some of them might surprise you…

1.      Vitamins:  Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid and essential fatty acids, starting 2-3 months before conception (when you start having unprotected sex in order to get pregnant).  Take at least 800 micrograms of folic acid per day.  Folic acid prevents open neural tube defects such as spina bifida. The neural tube closes approximately day 24 of pregnancy.  Also take a supplement of essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6, & 9) each day.  Essential fatty acids can be found in many foods, but have been added to most prenatal vitamins. They have been shown to be good for babies’ brain and eye development, as well as moms. 
2.      Dental Health:  Have a dental check up prior to conception to make sure there are no infections in your mouth.  This is important because bacteria in your mouth may cause preterm labor and preterm delivery (premature baby).
3.      Clean Living:  Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or use street drugs.  Cigarettes expose the embryo/fetus to over 200 toxic chemicals which can interfere with the growth of the baby, causing the blood vessels to constrict. This constriction of the blood vessels causes as increase in blood pressure and a decrease in oxygen and nutrients going to the developing fetus.
4.      Sleep:  Once pregnant, rest as much as possible.  During pregnancy you should not take any sleeping medication, but you can have a glass of warm milk to help you relax. 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep every night is usually sufficient, although sometimes your body wants more sleep. A nap during the day or late afternoon will provide a wonderful “pick me up.”
5.      Stay Hydrated:  Drink lots of water.  At least two quarts of water a day is recommended. If dehydration occurs during pregnancy, it can cause your mouth to feel dry and your uterus may cramp, which is very concerning when pregnant. Also, avoid adding salt and sugar to anything you eat or drink. 
6.      Watch your weight:  A pregnant woman’s goal should be to gain no more than 25-35 lbs.  Being pregnant is not a license to pig out and gain 40-50lbs or more.  Nutrition during pregnancy is very important and a meeting with a nutritionist can be helpful. Try to eat three servings of protein a day (3 ounces each, about the size of a credit card).  All protein should be thoroughly cooked.  Also, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are important too since they are the energy food (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta). Average calories per day should be 1800-2000 and that includes the 300 extra for the pregnancy (per fetus). 

7.      Eat Small Regular Meals:  Eat and drink within a half hour of waking and then every three hours (5-6 small meals per day rather than three big meals). You need to have a continuous intake of food (known as grazing) so your body can break it down to provide glucose to your pregnancy on a continuous basis. If you don’t eat small, frequent meals you will feel very light headed (hypoglycemic). 
8.      Office Visits:  Find a midwife (or physician) you are comfortable with and keep your appointments. 
9.      Stay Informed:  Bring a written list of questions to every visit. Questions may be whatever concerns you.  Be sure to discuss your expectations for labor and delivery (natural, vaginal, epidural, cesarean delivery) and breastfeeding. 
10.  Know who will deliver you!  Ask who will be delivering your baby.  Will it be the midwife or physician you see every visit or someone else in the practice?  Sometimes midwives and physicians have cross coverage among practices, so it is important to ask these questions and not assume your midwife or physician will be there on delivery day.

To learn more about Elizabeth Stein and Ask Your Midwife, please visit


pregnancy survival kitCongratulations – you’re expecting a little bundle of joy!  With all the changes your body goes through in nine months, are you equipped with the tools for pregnancy survival?   Here’s what Marvelous Girl suggests you keep in your mommy toolkit:

  1.  A Topless Undershirt by Blush ($15):  Soon your belly will outgrow every cute shirt in your closet.  Now you can keep the wardrobe you already have and use the topless undershirt to help cover your belly as your shirts start to ride up.  The undershirt is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.
  2. Tummy Rub Oil by Mama Mio ($35):  Every pregnant woman’s biggest fear is stretch marks, so taking care of your skin is a must.   This tummy oil is the best stretch-mark protection you can buy, having gone through 15 years of trials and been praised by celebrities like supermodel Christy Turlington.  With 100 percent natural ingredients, Tummy Rub Oil has Omega-3, 6 and 9 …and isn’t at all oily. 
  3. triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask by bliss ($52)When you become pregnant it’s frustrating because there are so many products and medicines you can’t use.  Moms with troublesome skin will most likely have to stop using their usual skincare products all together, but triple oxygen instant energizing mask will help keep problematic skin under control while being safe enough for baby.  The mask is an oxygen facial in a bottle (without the expensive spa price) so it refines and exfoliates the skin, clearing and minimizing pores.
  4. Vitamin C Home Infusion Facial Kit by Murad ($70):  A woman’s hormones go crazy during pregnancy, and many experience blotching, darkened skin.  This weekly home facial kit is safe for your baby and will help prevent dark spots caused by hormones.  You’ll notice brighter, smoother skin…I love this product!
  5. Preggi Bellies Ball Workout ($24):  Staying fit during pregnancy will make birthing easier.  This workout video involves a bouncy ball and will raise your heart rate without you ever standing up!  The toning includes both on and off-ball exercises — they use whichever technique is the most effective.  Taught at three different levels, the moves are all designed to make it easier to give birth and care for your baby.

With these tools you’ll be better prepared for pregnancy.  So take care of yourself and make the pregnancy all about you…because in nine months life will forever be all about baby!

Photo by Scootie
Photo by Scootie

If you never tried Vegemite, you should.  This spread is loaded with thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folacin and vitamin B6 and B1.  In fact, it’s the world’s richest source of vitamin B – a perfect snack for women trying to get pregnant!

This popular Australian spread is actually created from leftover brewer’s yeast, a byproduct of beer manufacturing.  How does it taste?  Salty, slightly bitter, and malty — similar to the taste of beef bouillon – but the texture is smooth and sticky like peanut butter.

Vegemite is best served very lightly spread on toasted, buttered bread.  Tip:  first time users often make the mistake of heavily spreading Vegemite on their toast when they should start off extremely light and work their way up to larger servings.

You can pick up a jar of Vegemite at Cost Plus World Market.

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