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foreverlily perfumeDid you know that smell is the most closely tied sense to your memory?  Brides-to-be want everything from their dress, hair and make-up to their flowers, cake and venue to be perfect, but what about the most memory triggering element of all…their perfume? 

Recently, I found a fragrance called foreverlily that’s intended to open the heart and inspire hope, which I thought couldn’t be more perfect for a bride on her wedding day. 

The fragrance is an enveloping Oriental blend with a top note dominated by clove and sweet accents of lemon and lychee. The crispness of fig and the feminine presence of stargazer lily are equally balanced in the middle note.  The base note consists of cedar wood, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. 

I’m very picky when it comes to perfumes, but foreverlily completely charmed me.  The scent is so unique.  It’s clean, warm and romantic.  I liked it immediately, but I fell more and more in love with it throughout the day.   

Click here if you’d like a FREE sample of foreverlily eau de parfum.

fall jewelry trendThis fall nothing will make you feel more glamorous than jewelry with deep, rich, autumn colors.  Combined with the ever-so sleek and chic emerald-cut stones, this trend is being called Russian Folkloric because it bridges the boho mix of casual color with the over-the-top sparkling luxury that will be the major look for holiday jewels.   Here are some of Marvelous Girl’s picks under $25.

1)  Smoky Quartz Ring from Chadwicks ($23.99)

2)  Sterling Silver Garnet Stud Earnings from Overstock ($24.99)

3)  Deco Style Black Stone Brooch at Bonanzle ($14.99)

Go Bold:  Deep cool colors (like amethyst, sapphire and emerald) and warm, burnt colors (such as amber and citrine) will really pop against your fall apparel.  But the trick is to make sure the stones are large and eye-catching.

Photo by LotusHead
Photo by LotusHead

When is the last time you had a sexy evening with your man?  Between kids and work, we often forget that the men in our lives need attention too.  So why not plan and Ultimate Night of romance to show him just how much he’s desired. 

Ultimate Nights, a Miami-based company specializing in luxury lifestyle and romance products, has recently released some products that will surely make for a sizzling evening:

Ultimate Instinct ($13.50)  – a unisex pheromone-released cologne, that works with the male and female body chemistry to create individual unique scents. Considered the most powerful attractant for humans, pheromones work as seductive properties to attract members of the opposite sex.  It’s 100 percent pure oils with no mineral oil, fillers or cutting agents.  You’ll love the smell of it…and more importantly so will he!

Aromatherapy Soy Candles ($9.50-22.00)  – these elegant jar candles are comprised of 100 percent highly scented soy and grapeseed oil.  With the perfect marriage of his and hers fragrances, like vanilla bean and tobacco, the candles permeate the room and lend themselves to a relaxed serene environment, perfect for an intimate evening together.  The candles come in range of enticing monikers including Inspiration, Devotion, Desire and others. 

Zen Massager ($29.00) – This massager is so small it fits in the palm of your hand – so you can take it anywhere.  Perfect for relieving neck tension and muscle soreness, the Zen Massager offers a one-touch push button control that will surprise and delight your honey.

Whether you’re looking to surprise your man or for a great bridal shower gift for your girlfriend, these Ultimate goodies, along with a variety of other bath, body, lifestyle and romance products, are available for purchase at  Business opportunities and Party Hostess Information can also be found at  the website. 

Photo by Scyza

Photo by Scyza

In dire need of a last minute gift for the man in your life this Father’s Day?  Don’t fret.  This holiday, give him what he really wants: YOU

Set the mood by shedding your clothes in style as Marvelous Girl brings you stripping tips from the famed New York City Gentlemen’s Club, SCORES.


Stripping Tips:

  1. Fill the room with romantic and sexy music to strip to that fits your style and mood
  2. Awaken your man’s senses with aromatic candles
  3. Pour wine or a drink with ice – the ice will send chills up your man’s spine
  4. Decorate yourself with a naughty outfit or lacy lingerie
  5. Pole dancing is a thing from yesteryear. All you need are seductive moves and “come hither” eye contact, and he’ll be putty in your arms. 

For additional information or tips, visit the official website at

Photo by tanli

Photo by tanli

It’s not that complicated to keep a man happy.  Glamour dating blogger, Ryan Dodge, gives five easy suggestions sure to make your guy smile:

#1  Touch his arm

#2  Send him a random text message in midday

#3  Ask him a question about something he knows a lot about

#4  Give him a very specific compliment (i.e. he’s funny, handsome, smart, etc.)

#5  Send him the diary entry your wrote after your first date — or write one now

Prom Hair3Hair is one of the most important elements to completing your formal look.  For those of you who can’t afford to go to the salon this year, Marvelous Girl is bringing the salon to you.  Hairstylist, Penny Doster at Hollywoood And Mane, provided some simple, costless tips to get the perfect do-it-yourself prom/wedding hair.

“This season it’s all about the feminine romantic look, which is so easy to do at home,” explained Penny.  

1)  Flat iron your hair straight

2)  Tease the crown area for a bit of volume

3)  Pull sections from either side of the temples to the back of the head

4)  Twist the two sections together a couple of times and begin bobby pinning

5)  Add some smoothing serum to minimize flyaways 

6)  Finally, add an accessory like a flower or a decorative pin/comb

TIP:  Match the color of your bobby pins as closely as possible to your hair color; unless you’re looking for them to stand out.

“A common mistake people make is washing their hair.  Your natural oils will help the style set and stay, so it’s best not to shampoo the day of the big event,” suggested Penny.

If you have hair questions for Penny, email

yatai1In Los Angeles the words “gourmet” and “low-cost” seem like oxymorons.  Well that’s no longer the case when it comes to Asian-tapas bar, Yatai.  This West Hollywood eatery has excellent food, fantastic service and a fabulous atmosphere…all at a reasonable price!

Last night my boyfriend and I visited the restaurant for the second time and were once again thoroughly impressed with our dining experience.  After a few rounds of drinks and several dishes, the bill was only $80.  Why go to Koi, which is overpriced and has mediocre service, when you can eat just as well and spend half as much at Yatai?  

Here’s a few dish suggestions:

  • Tempura pumpkin w/curry salt – $5
  • Spicy tuna over crispy rice – $6
  • Bite-sized rib-eye steak w/caramelized onions – $16

When the weather is nice, Yatai also has outdoor seating.  The restaurant is located at 8535 W. Sunset Blvd.  Parking can be a problem, but it’s so marvelous it’s worth it.

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