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Did you once enjoy a great sex life, but over the last several years (or decades), you’ve lost that sizzle between the sheets? 

Surveys report that over 20 million couples in the U.S. have stopped being sexually intimate and 40 million Americans live in a no-sex or low-sex marriage. For those Americans, love-making is increasingly infrequent and, on the rare occasion they do have sex, it just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Many people blame their dwindling sex drive on age, stress, weight gain, and fatigue. They are resigned to a sex-less life.  

The book In the Mood Again, by husband and wife team Genie James and Dr. C.W. Randolph,  tells readers that no matter how old you are or how long it has been since you felt in the mood, you can once again enjoy regular, passionate and relationship-enriched sex.  Even better, medical research shows that a renewed sex life can become a secret fountain of youth giving you more energy, helping you lose weight, improving your overall health and wellbeing and also contributing to extended longevity.
Genie James and Dr. Randolph unveil the subtle yet insidious sex drive saboteurs that compound underlying hormone imbalances in men and women: stress, lack of sleep, bad food choices, weight gain, and sedentary lifestyles. They have created two natural solutions that can either intersect or stand alone, both approaches beginning and ending with your hormones.

The first approach involves replacing the hormones your body is missing with ones just like it used to make. This approach is not accomplished by prescribing popular synthetic hormones but with a different type of hormone called BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapies), which are plant-derived hormone molecules that are identical to the human hormones produced within your body.

For more than a decade, Dr. Randolph has used BHRT to treat thousands of women and men suffering from low libido and/or sexual performance problems. After only 3 months on an individualized prescription of BHRT, 92% of Dr. Randolph’s patients report a complete restoration of sexual desire. 99% of all patients indicate they have more energy and 87% say they have lost 10 pounds or more.
But if you aren’t sure if BHRT is for you, Genie James and Dr. Randolph offer an alternative holistic approach:

  1. Schedule sex on your calendar
  2. Be a kind and patient listener
  3. Find a new passion to share
  4. Believe your body is good enough to share
  5. Ask for what you want 

The book, In The Mood Again, hits shelves Dec. 29, 2009

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Photo by binababy12

Photo by binababy12

Kids have headed back to school and parents everywhere are about to be confronted with a wild new set of fears and mind-boggling situations that they may not feel properly equipped to handle.
What is the best thing to say to your children about the swine flu?  Unemployed parents? Money problems? Cell phones? What about rampant sexuality on TV and elsewhere?
A new book by seven top family parenting experts, Parenting By Strengths, helps parents cope with the most challenging situations. Here are some of the ideas they offer to guide the conversations with your children on the topics of the day:
Swine Flu:
With the ever present real time media coverage and aggressive prevention at school, children will be coming home worried and confused about the risk of illness. Talk with them and let them open up and express their concerns.  Ask them about what they are worried about specifically. Then teach them about the different types of flu and tell them specifically what precautions the school and your family are taking to be safe. Make a game of washing hands, keeping things cleaner than ever, keeping healthy and working as a team. Make sure they are equipped with a hand sanitizer and that they use it frequently. Tell them not to share foods and drinks, especially with friends who are sick. Without nagging and with a bit of humor, review the importance of staying healthy with good eating, hygiene and sleeping habits!

Job Loss and Money Problems
Tell the truth.  Tell your kids that there won’t be as many presents this holiday season.  Tell them that your family budget is really strained right now. (Delete this next sentence: fewer presents said 3 times in this paragraph.) Yes. It’s reasonable to tell your children that you have less money this year, so there will be fewer presents. The key is to reassure them that you love them, that your family is safe and that their basic needs will be met. There will be fewer presents, however, and everyone can chip in to cut down on costs.
When framed in a positive way this is an opportunity to teach your children how to save money and spend wisely.  Have your child make gifts, teach your children how to shop clearance aisles first, go to second-hand or dollar stores, do product comparisons, shop from a list to avoid impulse buys and use coupon sites.
Limit TV and Cell Phones for School Success
Get with it! Today’s technology is ever-changing and will never be as innate to us parents as it is to our children.  Nonetheless, it is crucial for parents to be aware and stay informed about what your children are watching on TV, the music they listen to, and how they use the Internet and cell phones.  Create a set of rules that identify proper use and the consequences of improper use.  Go over the rules and get the child to sign on the dotted line. 
Take control! Look over your TV channels and your computers and use your power to block unwanted channels and Internet sites from your children’s use.  There are many tools available to help. It’s perfectly reasonable to set limits around cell phone and TV use. Have a basket in the kitchen where the cell phone is “checked in.” During homework time, meal time, family activities and bedtime, the cell phone is checked in to avoid distractions. You should also model this behavior unless your work requires that you are reachable 24/7. If his/her grades are bad enough, you can also keep the cell phone Mon-Fri until the child’s grades improve.
Be savvy!  Don’t assume other parents have the same rules you do—share your limits before your child plays at another child’s home.
Sexy Halloween Costumes 
Children need reliable, accurate information from trusted adults to handle the messages about sexuality they receive on a daily basis from media sources and peers. For parents with young girls, especially, Halloween can mean going through racks of costumes with short skirts, bare midriffs, and laced up heels. Use these teachable moments to discuss your values and limits around costumes. For older children, have a talk about how companies use sex to sell products. It’s important to talk with kids about all aspects of sexuality—the positives, the marketing, and how to avoid abuse. Keep the conversation and lines of communication open. Teach your values, and give your children reliable, accurate information about the many ways sexuality messages enter their lives.

Anna David & BoughtMarvelous Girl recently caught up with relationship, sex and addiction expert Anna David, to discuss her upcoming novel Bought, a tale of high-class prostitution in Hollywood.  Anna is a regular contributor to Details Magazine; has appeared as a relationship and sex expert for CNN, The Today Show and many other broadcast outlets; and has written for The New York Times, Maxim, Playboy, and more. 

Here’s Marvelous Girl’s fascinating chat with the fabulous Anna David –

MG:  Your latest novel, Bought, is a story about high-class call girls among the Hollywood elite.  What was the inspiration for this book?

AD:  Years ago, I wrote an article on high-class prostitution in Hollywood for Details. I had anticipated interviewing people over a few weeks and gathering some anecdotes, but I ended up spending about six months obsessively infiltrating that universe, getting to know the girls as well as the detectives, FBI informants and other denizens of the underworld. I was always disappointed that the article ended up being this 2000-word story that essentially just relayed how rich men got their rocks off and didn’t get into the dynamics behind any of it. So I decided to fictionalize what I’d learned and incorporate in aspects of some of the dysfunctional relationships I’ve been in to tell a story about how much we all sell ourselves to get what we want.

MG:  From your experience, is society’s perception of women, sex and prostitution changing?  If so, what conclusions can be drawn about modern day gender relations?

AD:  I think when Paris Hilton became the most famous person in the world by starring in a sex tape, a societal shift occurred and suddenly being in the sex industry – or doing anything associated with it — not only seemed glamorous but also had the potential to make you famous. Case in point: post Spitzer bust, Ashlee Dupree got a record deal and started attending fashion shows. What all of this does, of course, is sweep under the rug the fact that some of the girls engaging in this kind of thing are acting out after having been abused and are seriously screwed up.

MG:  In Bought and your previous novel, Party Girl, you explore the ramifications of trying to live a “celebrity lifestyle.”  Do you think this lack of self and obsession with Hollywood glamour is a growing societal trend, particularly in women?

AD:  Yes, it definitely is. In his book Fame Junkies, Jake Halpern cites studies showing that shocking numbers of teenagers these days list being famous as a career goal or rate being able to meet a Hollywood celebrity higher than being able to meet any political or world figure. And I know that, especially when I was a practicing addict, I was oh so drawn to the celebrity world. It was just another way to get out of having to feel my most upsetting feelings – focusing on how cool I thought I was because I knew celebrities rather than how empty I felt. I’m so grateful that I burned out on that, but there are people I know who are still so wrapped up in that world, not realizing that it doesn’t really have anything to do with them or that worshipping at the altar of celebrity is actually stripping them of some of their humanity.

MG:  What advice would you give to these women?

AD:  I’d say, look at a lot of these celebrities’ lives – the minute-long marriages, the disasters, and the breakdowns, all of it — and ask yourself if you really want to be living that way. And look at your own life. Are you using your fascination with celebrity-dom as a way to not have to focus on what’s going on with you?

MG:  Are there any other trends you’re noticing involving women?

AD:  Well, there’s the whole hook-up thing. Supposedly, high school and college students today are having sex with random people instead of going on dates and embarking on relationships. And, look. I can count on one hand the number of women I know who can have random sex and not feel like crap about it. It makes me feel about 180 years old to say this but if girls feel like that’s what they have to do to be able to be romantically involved with boys, that’s pretty scary. I’m certainly not suggesting anything nutty like abstinence pledges but I think they should still feel comfortable explaining to boys if they want something more substantial.

Anna David’s marvelous new novel, Bought, hits shelves May 18, 2009.  For purchasing details, click here or visit