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Did you know the average person doesn’t wear 25% of the clothes in their closet?!  thredUP is a new service that allows you to swap clothes you no longer wear for ones that you will! The thredUP team shops in other people’s closets to find you hidden gems in your size and style that they think you will love.  Think: Netflix meets consignment.  Here’s how it works:

Let thredUP know the great items you’re no longer wearing. The team finds thredUP members who are interested in your clothes and then manages the peer-to-peer exchange. You send and receive items using our pre-paid envelopes – no trips to the Post Office, ever!  Frugal, affordable and hassle free.

That’s not all…thredUP kids is launching in February.  Marvelous Girl readers are invited to be founding members.  Click here to sign-up:  First 1,000 thredUP kids members get their first swap for free!

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Nadia Nour eco-friendly clothingI love eco-friendly clothing, but it’s so difficult to find stylish pieces that don’t leave you looking like a unkempt hippie.  That’s why I love the 100 percent organic clothing line by Nadia Nour, which combines style, sophistication and comfort, all while being earth-friendly.

Online dress retailer,, is now exclusively carrying Nadia Nour.   To celebrate the launch of the collection, will be offering 50 percent off NEW styles from Friday, July 10th – July 31.   So now you can get a fabulous cocktail dress and save the environment at the same time…proving you really are supergirl!

Each piece is made with organic and vintage materials, produced locally in New York’s garment district. Nadia’s love of dresses and skirts is apparent in her collection. Each piece is highly stylized, structured, soft, feminine and flirty.

paris hilton valentino shoesAlthough we all love Manolo, Jimmy and Valentino, do we really need to spend thousands of dollars to get the hottest shoes?

As part of the Antebi Footwear Group, Paris Hilton’s signature footwear line will have you looking like an heiress without spending like an heiress.  With savings as much as 95 percent, the collection features a range of styles from sexy stilettos to stylish flats, boots and wedges. 

Having arrived in stores in 2008, Paris Hilton Footwear fuses stylish, fun fashion as well as function and affordability. The line is designed to be chic, trendy, and produced with high quality components and finishes, so you can make a statement at an extremely affordable price.

Paris Hilton shoes can be purchased at and

bobbi_brownWant to know legendary makeup artist, author and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown’s unique beauty philosophy?  Tune-in to QVC this Saturday, May 30.  Brown is scheduled to make three, one-hour QVC appearances at midnight, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET) to share her unique beauty philosophy, revolutionary cosmetics and expert advice.  Her signature line of wearable, natural looking makeup – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics – will be showcased throughout the day offering QVC shoppers a selection of new and best selling items.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are currently available through QVC at 800.345.1515 and

Photo by aschaeffer

Photo by aschaeffer

I spoke with a womenswear specialist, Lisa Mascaro, about buying the perfect bra and what she said blew my mind!  What most women don’t know is they’re wearing the wrong sized bra.  Studies have shown 60 percent of women are indeed unaware they’re wearing the wrong size because the garment doesn’t feel uncomfortable.  Here are a few tips from Mascaro that I had to share with my marvelous girls:

 – Get Fitted!  Because we are women and we deal with water retention and hormones, it is recommended to get fitted every 6 months.  The same goes with replacing your bras.  It is something we wear every day for at least eight hours a day!  Like a running shoes, it wears too!  Go to a specialty store to get fitted, chances are they have been trained and educated on the process.

Invest in your breasts! Keep in mind, a good bra is going to be more expensive than the $20 special at a local boutique.  On average you can get a good bra for about $40.

Tip:  Look for semi annual sales, like 2 for’s and such.  Sign up to be emailed about promos; be the first to know so you get the best selection.  Also a savvy tip, if you like colors, the seasonal pallet will always be marked down so don’t buy them full price.  Splurge on your staple colors, nude , black, white.

Shop a trusted brand!  Just because Victoria has a secret, doesn’t mean she has mastred a woman’s bust line!  I love Vic for “occasional” pieces – like if I need a racy pearl thong to wear – but not everyday garments.  Shop places like Gap body and Nordstrom, which have a great selection of sizes and brands.  Both also have bra experts to give an accurate fit.

Take the time to try on different brands to see what is going to be best for your body.  Shopping for the perfect something takes time…so have fun!  When you feel sexy and confident in your foundations, it shows!

Photo by LotusHead
Photo by LotusHead

Consumers are expected to spend significantly less on Easter candy this year, according to industry research firm IBISWorld.  Overall sales are forecasted to decline by 10.2 percent, compared to a decline of 7.1 percent in 2008.  


“Although candy sales are expected to decline greatly, the forecast could have been much worse had it not been for the holiday’s calendar date,” explained George Van Horn, senior analyst with IBISWorld.  “Easter occurs 20 days later than last year, so candy producers and marketers have additional days to merchandise their products.  This will cushion some of the inevitable blow on spending.”


More than 30 percent of all holiday confectionary purchases are made during the Easter period, totalling $1.77 billion.  Chocolate confectionary accounts for the majority of purchases at 56 percent, followed by non-chocolate candy at 33 percent and gum at 11 percent.


When it comes to purchasing, more than 55 percent of all Easter confectionary sales in 2009 are estimated to arise from supermarkets, while 18 percent will be from chocolatiers and specialty confectionary retailers.  The remaining will be made up by big box retailers, discount, convenience stores and online sales.


This Easter the nation will roughly consume:


  • 16 billion jellybeans (with cherry, strawberry, grape, and lime being the favorite flavors)
  • 700 million Marshmallow Peeps


As far a chocolate is concerned, 65 percent of adults are expected to consume milk chocolate while 27 percent are predicted to consume dark chocolate.