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The Food Channel® editorial staff compiled a look back at the last decade in food, identifying the biggest trends and influencers.

“Our chefs and editorial staff have seen a lot of changes in the last ten years,” said Kay Logsdon, Managing Editor of The Food Channel. “Food has become a story like never before, and it’s interesting to look back at how its growth has impacted our society. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to visit restaurant after restaurant, attend the biggest food shows, and try new products, giving our editors a first-hand look at what’s been happening with food.”

According to editors, the top trends overall for the last decade (2000-2009) include—
·         Sushi
·         Bacon
·         Cupcakes
·         Sliders
·         Gourmet Burgers made with Kobe or Angus Beef
·         Superfruits such as Acai, Pomegranate and Blueberry
·         Oils, such as olive oils and truffle oils
·         Whole grains, such as Kashi, polenta, risotto
·         Artisan foods, particularly in breads, cheeses and dark chocolates
·         Coffees, teas

Logsdon emphasized that all of the lists are compiled as opinion, and are not necessarily based in scientific evidence. “We did this to create dinner table conversation as much as anything,” she said. “Food is a natural meeting place, regardless of your political, religious or personal preferences—you can always talk about food.”

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Deep V-necks,  scoop-neck tops, and V-shaped blazers was one of the strongest menswear trends, during New York’s September Fashion Week. Celebrities such as Jude Law, Ed Westwick and HBO’s True Blood star, Mehcad Brooks have all sported their “Heavage” recently.  So what is this new men’s fashion phenomenon?

NY-based Menswear designer, Miguel Antoinne, included this trend in his Spring 2010  collection, sending models down the runway sporting the look. Miguel predicted this would be a huge fashion trend and this shape featured heavily in his collection.  Miguel explained to Marvelous Girl more about the trend:

MG:  WHAT exactly is heavage?
MA:  The male equivalent to cleavage. 

MG:  WHY such a big comeback?
MA:   The trend has been around for a few seasons now beginning with the now thank-goodness, extinct deep V-tshirt. 

MG:  WHO will be sporting this trend next season?
MA:  The sexy, the proud, the confident…these leading men of style will have taken the trend to the next phase of its cycle. 

MG:  HOW should men wear this look – blazers, v-neck, low scoop t-shirts?
MA:  It is a versatile look that men should have fun with.  There is the flexibility of dressing the look up or down while still baring the fur and feeling sexy. Fit really is going to be the most important relative to this look next season. The fit should be loosely draped as if effortless. The fitted, deep-V was always a NO. 

MG:  And How much hair should men dare to bare?
MA:  Men should bare as much of their man fur as their inhibition allows them to. Obviously more or less works with different outfits. Buzz works better with more dressy looks where as one might be able to pull off a bush with a t-shirt. 

The miguel Antoinne collection is a favorite among celebrities and has been worn by American Idol finalists, singer Trey Songz, Marlon Wayans and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood). As a former menswear buyer, trendsetter and up-and-coming designer, Miguel Antoinne is the perfect gateway in to men’s fashion trends.

emmy dress trend sweetheartSo many actresses were wearing sweetheart necklines at the Emmys last night:  Jenna Fischer (pictured), January Jones, Kate Walsh, etc.

If you’d like to get the red carpet look for less, eDressMe has a huge selection of evening gowns that are very similar to those worn by television’s leading ladies last night.

The black Badgley Mischka evening gown pictured is available on for $825.   Just visit

runway hair tipsThe bun was the hot hairstyle on the runway during Fashion Week.  A chic bun is a great style for any hair type, any event and any outfit.  The only issue is keeping the bun to stay put. 
Celebrity hair stylist, Philip Pelusi and his Tela design team created chic little chignons for Caroline Seikaly’s Mercedes Benz fashion week presentation at Tela Design Studios.
The secret, according to Philip Pelusi, is to spray the length of your hair/ponytail with holding spray before twisting your hair into bun.  The hairspray gives texture to the strands, allowing them to be easily manipulated.  Most people spray the bun after, when they are already have the hair pinned and set, this is a much less affective method in keeping the hair to stay in place.

knock off suede wedgesFall is here and suede is back.  Marvelous Girl chatted with Nancy leWinter, editorial direct of about this year’s hot fall trends:

MG:  What types of shoes are on trend for fall?

NL:  Boots of every type are very important this fall.  Wedges give height and stability, and both wedges and booties are very flattering both under pants and with dresses and skirts when worn with tights.  The peep toe is a retro take that makes the look soft and sexy.  Tall boots are now for everyone because they’re available in wide and extra-wide calf widths and can be worn over leggings or under a great pencil skirt.  This season is also all about detail on footwear, from ruffles and ruching to studs and snaps.  And heels don’t have to be high to be high fashion with fabulous flats.
MG:  Why is suede a good fabric to use for fall?

NL:  Suede is softer than leather and molds to the foot…great over tights.  It also comes in the season’s best colors, but it is important to make sure suede is weatherized to avoid spotting.
MG:  Do you specifically take high-end designers collections into consideration when picking your inventory for the season?

NL:  Our selection is so large that we are able to provide a variety of trends, including the trends followed by high-end designers.  Most important, we recognize our customers want style and comfort, and that is a trend we can all love.

fall jewelry trendThis fall nothing will make you feel more glamorous than jewelry with deep, rich, autumn colors.  Combined with the ever-so sleek and chic emerald-cut stones, this trend is being called Russian Folkloric because it bridges the boho mix of casual color with the over-the-top sparkling luxury that will be the major look for holiday jewels.   Here are some of Marvelous Girl’s picks under $25.

1)  Smoky Quartz Ring from Chadwicks ($23.99)

2)  Sterling Silver Garnet Stud Earnings from Overstock ($24.99)

3)  Deco Style Black Stone Brooch at Bonanzle ($14.99)

Go Bold:  Deep cool colors (like amethyst, sapphire and emerald) and warm, burnt colors (such as amber and citrine) will really pop against your fall apparel.  But the trick is to make sure the stones are large and eye-catching.

fall headbands

The summer is almost over and this year’s autumn hair trend will have you diving head first into fall.  Whether it be flowers, lace, ribbon, beads or yarn, anything goes when it comes to hair accessories.  Here’s a few of Marvelous Girl’s picks (clockwise):

1)  Urban Outfitters Beaded Applique Headwrap ($24)

2)  Forever 21 Crepe Rose Headband ($3.80)

3)  Anthropologie Subtle Sprouts Headband ($28)

4)  ByLilla Zebra Leaf ($44)

They may seem kinda pricey at first glance, but it’s actually a cost-effective way to spice up your fall wardrobe and show your individual style.  And you can always get crafty and create your own headbands at home by recycling old buttons, fabric, bows, etc. – use your imagination!

shaved head summer trend solange rhiannaBeyonces’ sister, Solange Knowles, recently debuted a new haircut…a shaved head!  Solange isn’t the first this year to sport the hairless ‘do.  Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose, is also known for her shaved locks, while Rhianna and Australian singer, Cassie Davis, shaved just the sides of their heads.

Is this the latest summer hair trend? 

baby boomer teeth whitening trendNew York’s leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Thomas Connelly, has seen a huge spike in Baby Boomer patients seeking teeth whitening to help them find a new job.  Since the recession started, Dr. Connelly’s business has prospered thanks in part to people over the age of 55 looking to improve their smiles to land a new or better job in this tough economy.   
The latest unemployment numbers were just released and they are at a 26-year high. The group of people that has been hit the hardest happens to be the Baby Boomers and for them unemployment is happening at an even faster rate. The unemployment rate of those over 55 has jumped from 6.7 percent in May to 7.0 percent in June, which is drastically higher than the unemployment from one year ago which was at just 3.4 percent.
Labor statistics are also showing that it is taking Baby Boomers much longer to get back to work once unemployed – The solution? To stay competitive with those who are 10, 20 or even 30 years younger they need to get a quick fix to get them back in the game – and for many, that fix is improving their smiles. You only get one chance to make a great first impression and with the job market as dismal as it is, Baby Boomers need to stand out among younger hopefuls with a bright, winning smile.

Aria Style 107
Aria Style 107

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look fabulous on your wedding day.  The true fashionista can find a jaw-dropping dress and still spend less.

If you’re a fashion and price-savvy bride, you have to check out ARIA wedding dresses.  With sleek, romantic bridal gowns, ARIA wedding dresses are all under $500!

Marvelous Girl suggests:  Styles 107 and 191

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